Go! [O levels] Questions about access arrangements / special consideration for oral examinations for mental health issues | State licensure and certification information for ...

[O levels] Questions about access arrangements / special consideration for oral examinations for mental health issues

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2021.07.31 04:39 Ancient-Package-5233 [O levels] Questions about access arrangements / special consideration for oral examinations for mental health issues

I have recently been going through severe bouts of anxiety and have also been prescribed antidepressants. I am currently a sec 4 student with O level oral exams coming up for both HMT and my third language. My Form Teacher has asked me to request a letter from my psychiatrist to request for special consideration for the oral exams, which may include exemption from taking it at all.
Does anyone have experience with this? Is it even possible to completely bypass taking the oral exam? What about deferment? If not, what are the special considerations that will be given? I would appreciate any and all information on this, as well as advice, because there is no information on the specific provisions online. Thank you.
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2021.07.31 04:39 TheNiny discord?

is the discord still active? the invite expired :(
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2021.07.31 04:39 Riddler212 What do you guys see happening with Barchie and TBK in the finale?

Soooo I can’t stop thinking about the finale. We got the bts video of Kj and lili on set, the pic lili posted of Kj for his birthday where they are in that field…the same field as the one in the pics cole posted of everyone in that field with weapons. Except three people were missing: Betty, Archie, and Toni. Someone said Toni could have been absent cuz she’s taking care of her baby which is possible. It’s very clear at this point Barchie will be kidnapped by TBK in the finale. But I’m curious how you all think it’s gonna go down. I’ve been saying ever since 5x08 that 5B is gonna go in our favor. I just know it will. What do you guys see happening with Barchie and TBK in the finale?
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2021.07.31 04:39 MyTrueDarkside Giving one shiny away randomly! Congrats to the lucky person.

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2021.07.31 04:39 nighthawk0913 Hanging out on the bar together

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2021.07.31 04:39 squirtle227 question/input

cw for mention of being s*
This morning i was really ill for a couple of hours. I took pepto and stuff and eventually was okay enough to take a nap. It’s now been maybe 8-10 hours since I was last s, but I’m wondering for how long I should be worried about it. Like, I’m scared I’ll still be s tomorrow or something when I’m out of the house. How long would you worry til you’d feel you’re in the clear???
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2021.07.31 04:39 Neoslayer I like to think this was a voicecrack and not a typo

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2021.07.31 04:39 Iveeeof Take off my clothes

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2021.07.31 04:39 SlenderSpade Where do I find someone to talk anonymously?

I just want to pour my heart out and what's going on in my mind, without fear of judgment and or being shamed for that. He/she doesn't necessarily need to give me any advice or solution, just reply to whatever I say.
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2021.07.31 04:39 duskcosplay Logitech crayon help

So I’m trying to use my Logitech crayon with procreate and for some reason it will not allow me to draw it only wants to act like a eraser
Does anyone know how to fix this?
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2021.07.31 04:39 popcornboiii Bernie’s DIRE Warning For Dems: Trump Can Win Again!

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2021.07.31 04:39 Hawanja My Review of Masters Of The Universe: Revelation (Warning! SPOILERS!)

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2021.07.31 04:39 Bhriblan_99 Referral code

Use my referral link https://crypto.com/app/xbs64zr69q to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $25 USD :)
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2021.07.31 04:39 Crew_Actual I may move to the new snapshot

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2021.07.31 04:39 Efficient_Royal_1748 Join the Alecsa's Panties Discord Server!

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2021.07.31 04:39 Marcusten UNIO

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2021.07.31 04:39 ParticularTiny A brilliant scientist successfully creates a lifelike deer cyborg.

Dr. Holmes, after many years of biotechnological research, finally succeeded in his secret project, using funds diverted from his research grant. Because the project needed to be kept off the records, Dr. Holmes kept the deer at home.
The cyborg would grow and develop just as a normal fawn would, but it would have the mental capacity of a human being. Dr. Holmes instantly took a liking to the young deer, who he considered to be the son he had never had. He nurtured it tenderly and provided the fawn with all he desired.
Once the deer had begun to mature, Dr. Holmes decided it was time to begin homeschooling the young buck. He taught him to read, write, and speak. Next, he taught him basic arithmetic. Of course, Dr. Holmes decided to teach him science as well.
They started with geology. Unlike the other subjects, the deer struggled from the get-go, failing to grasp any of the basic concepts. One day, the doctor announced a pop quiz. He would hold up a picture of a rock, and the deer would have to identify it. The first rock was a light tan rock.
“Is it an igneous rock?” asked the young buck.
The doctor shook his head.
“Hmm, metamorphic?” the deer tried again.
The doctor shook his head once more. Dr. Holmes then looked at his creation, sighed, and said disappointingly, “It’s sedimentary, my deer bot son.”
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2021.07.31 04:39 watermelonslushie4 Planning my Hajj: Question about stillsuits

Hi, my wife and I are planning to visit Arrakis in the near future and we are hoping to tour the deep desert. I've never worn a stillsuit and i am worried about the nasal water reclaimation mechanism. You see, I'm a major mouth breather. I have a deviated septum and breating through my nose is a major effort, if not impossible at times. I'm just afraid im going to lose a lot of moisture through my breathing. Does anyone make an stillsuit adapter for the mouth or is there a way to jerryrig it? Thanks in advance!
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2021.07.31 04:39 KSJ_bestJaeger2ever Should I post about my Halo X GFL story here? I have created alot and got texts but I just don't know where to put them, I have set them through my instagram and YouTube but I want go share it.

Lore: Entity escapes prison that has caused havoc around multiple systems and UNSC along with some Covenant leaders decides to team up to take the entity down. However the entity has figured out what is going on, ran off to the "Solar Sytem" (Earth, GFL) and chaos erupts. Will the UNSC & Covenant Armistice get out and complete their mission?
Characters: MA5D MA37 BR55HB Needler Chief
Other characters: IMR (COD AW) Mastiff (Apex and titanfall) Triple Take (Apex and titanfall)
(I know it does not make sense but it is kinda fun to make random lore like stories. Will it happen? Not gonna, is it interesting? Yes)
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2021.07.31 04:39 Vast-Source3073 What was your worst “Close Call” moment?

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2021.07.31 04:39 S0lagratia916 So good. Emotional downtuned Djent/Metalcore from VINTAS

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2021.07.31 04:39 PapaJaundice In 2 weeks...

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2021.07.31 04:39 donnygel What if the reason we havent interacted with higher (5th dimensional and higher ) beings/universes is the same reason why we havent discovered lower dimensional (ie 0 , 1, 2 dimensional) beings?

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