Go! Oculus won't send me the email to reset my password. |

Oculus won't send me the email to reset my password.

2021.07.31 03:03 Ccimlay Oculus won't send me the email to reset my password.

I am locked out of my account. When I click the link to send a ticket it shows a error1001.
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2021.07.31 03:03 broantkdh THAT WAS SO OBVIOUS

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2021.07.31 03:03 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protestor Sentenced To 9 Years In First Trial Under The National Security Law https://t.co/Ad8T1hTLS2

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2021.07.31 03:03 Surprise-Plus Niece 🤝 Uncle

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2021.07.31 03:03 post-news CCP Uses United Front Work Department Against India in South Asia: Experts

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2021.07.31 03:03 _downvote_if_ur_gay Can anyone help me get 3 invisible kills?

I have to kill 3 people that are invisible for a challenge and was wondering if anyone wanted to help. I don't know if this is the right place but thanks in advance. :)
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2021.07.31 03:03 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Simone Biles will not compete in vault, uneven bars event finals at Tokyo Olympics | USA Today

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2021.07.31 03:03 Umbra_The_Breeceon who else got the wrong flight

ok. I'm looking for people who also got given xbox or steam codes when they actually only have the opposite hardware that is above the minimum specs
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2021.07.31 03:03 snow-fox2 Adopted corn

I adopted this female corn from a Dr. I work with (veterinary medicine) and she's 6 years old. she stays hidden under aspen substrate literally all day. she's not interested in exploring until I take her out and even then she's not stoked about being picked up. Former owner mentioned that they barely took her out and did enough to remember to feed and refresh water within the last couple of years. just wondering if there's anything I can do as her new owner to get her to be more excited about exploring her new enclosure? mine is the same length and width of theirs but it is much higher.
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2021.07.31 03:03 F7_Karma Idk what to do

So I (male) am going in to eighth grade, and I’ve liked this girl for about 3 years. And I just recently found out she’s moving out of state halfway through eighth grade. Idk if I should confess to her that I like her or just never say anything. Idk if she will tell her friends because if she dose I will get made fun of non stop. I have her number but she lost her phone for the summer so I can’t really text her. What should I do?
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2021.07.31 03:03 pm_ur_hairy_balls I feel like my kindness & empathy is going to waste

Hi all. I really believe that our HSP qualities can bring a lot of good into the world. I find that I can make people feel better about their lives and about themselves if I'm able to connect to them.... but that barely ever happens due to how socially anxious I am.
It feels like being a HSP is a kind of paradoxical blessing/curse. We've got this great capacity for warmth toward others... but are too sensitive to get it out there. That's been my experience anyhow... I love making people feel good but 95% of the time I find being around people too overwhelming for it to be able to happen.
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2021.07.31 03:03 sharewithme Word of The Hour: nineteenth

nineteenth: following the eighteenth and preceding the twentieth
See tree for nineteenth: https://treegledictionary.org/define/nineteenth
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2021.07.31 03:03 DevilRed76 Who will be the better CB pairing next year: Maguire and Varane or Van Dijk and Gomez or Diaz and Stones?

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2021.07.31 03:03 momofmills Non-fiction adventure/explorer stories?

I like reading about real people who have done some amazing feats. Recent reads/topics have been "Alone on the Ice"/Antarctica, "Jungle of Stone"/Mayan culture rediscovery, books on George Mallory/Everest, etc. What should I read next?
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2021.07.31 03:03 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Caeleb Dressel wins 100 butterfly for third gold medal at Tokyo Olympics | USA Today

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2021.07.31 03:03 b0mbSquad_1 The short sale volume percent (not short interest) for GME is 74% on Jul 30, 2021 🦍💪🚀🙌💎

The short sale volume percent (not short interest) for stock ticker GME is 74% on Jul 30, 2021.
The short sale volume is 942,645. The total volume is 1,273,540.
The short sale volume percent is down -4% compare to Jul 29, 2021.
Last 5 days short percent: 72.46%
Last 10 days short percent: 69.86%
Last 20 days short percent: 67.18%
Last 50 days short percent: 59.87%
July 29 close price: $164.86
July 30 close price: $161.12
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2021.07.31 03:03 Obi-WanHenobi M/25 looking for friend

Looking for friends to do fun stuff with me. Interested in anything sci Fi, outdoor activities (willing to try new stuff!), study buddy possibly? I need help with math. I’m also into astronomy, video games, and I love swimming! I have a few more hobbies but will not bore you with details. Message me future friend. You won’t regret it.
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2021.07.31 03:03 me_death Proud Moment

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2021.07.31 03:03 chanma50 ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ Pulled From Paramount Release Schedule

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2021.07.31 03:03 ogthudbone [bug report] direct messages not being marked as read even after opening

might as well give it a shot and ask but whenever I read a message for someone it still appears as unopened and a notification
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2021.07.31 03:03 AuFINCH SK-Pervaya Lyubov (First Love)

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2021.07.31 03:03 ShantrelleJW THE FERAL SOCIETY (CLAN IDEA)

This gang will serve as the main antagonist for my second story idea. It still need some fleshing out and brainstorming so any advice would be appreciated.
The Feral Society is a diverse gang of humans who (as a gang initiative) become beast bearers whose primary business is extortion and theft and contact killing.
The Feral Society was formed in ??? The gang is made up of human members who are residents of Arrowswift city and their base of operation is ??? They specialize in Extortion, Theft and Contact Killing. As a gang initiative, a new member must become a Beast Bearer since the theme of their gang revolves around having the powers of a wild animal.
Soul of the Wild (Spellbook)
Soul of the Wild is a spellbook that contains many different types of spirit animals. The spirit animal possesses the host granting them all the abilities of said animal all through an enchanted emblem that the host must tattoo on their body for the spell to work.
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2021.07.31 03:03 obligatoryTA4reasons check me

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2021.07.31 03:03 aquices80 WE HEAR YOU GEORGE!!!

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2021.07.31 03:03 Happy_Unit_6297 Medicate.

I am cured, there’s hope for y’all
Hey guys. I’m an old follower of this sub and I used to ruminate a lot in here, just looking for validation to my compulsions. But let me tell you how I cured myself, Ididnt find this advice anywhere in any sub , blog, forum, etc that I look up to, but ironically is what helped me entirely.
I took the decision to see one because I was in such a low point of my HOCD that I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO GET OUT OF THERE BY MYSELF. I loathed life so much and wanted to die, my life had such poor quality because 95% of my day I only worried stuck in my mind if I was a lesbian, leaving me 5% for me to actually live and be present in reality. I still can’t believe how good medication did for me cause I was really really bad.
My psychiatrist prescribed me Sertraline an Clonazepam for emergencies. She diagnosed me with OCD and said that FOR OCD U NEED EVEN A HIGHER DOSIS. Guys, what I’m telling u with this is that ITS A THING, HOCD EXIST AS A KIND OF OCD AND NEED TO BE CHECKED UP BY A PROFESSIONAL. How do I know? Because I’m on 7 months of sertraline now AND MY LIFE CHANGED SO MUC. The thoughts are gone, my lust for boys is freaking back and Im near to say that in happy! And I can’t believe that I didn’t find that advise in any freaking place on the internet, the stigma is so big.
Guys, do it. When the thoughts are gone u realize how stupi and irrational they were. U are back to being urself AND it’s faster than any other kind of therapy. Don’t waste anymore time of ur lives thinking this shit. I’m here to tell u that is real and there’s a cure.
If u have any questions, I’m more than glad to help.
Send u so many hope
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