Go! What company could make an actual Quest 2 competitor? (other than Valve) |

What company could make an actual Quest 2 competitor? (other than Valve)

2021.07.31 02:50 Tyeron What company could make an actual Quest 2 competitor? (other than Valve)

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2021.07.31 02:50 HollowSesh1995 Why wont the challenge (My Way) count kills

First i got a legendary stoner from a orda in outbreak and got atleast 500+ kills and not one counted. What am i doing wrong
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2021.07.31 02:50 theotokosprayforus My family is so upset that I became catholic

Every time we talk, my parents and my grandma bring up how I should stop being catholic and come back to their church. They told me that they all prayed together, with my whole extended family, that I will leave the Catholic Church. Oh I was so tempted to say that I pray for all of them everyday, that they will come back to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, but I kept my mouth shut cause I didn’t want to argue (we’ve had arguments before on my new faith and they don’t lead anywhere). I also pray with my grandma every week and during our prayers, she will say “Lord please help my granddaughter to leave the Catholic Church and stop praying to Mary and the saints”. Somehow they are more upset that I became catholic than when I was a non-practicing Protestant. My whole family are cradle Catholics who left the the Catholic Church to become evangelical/baptist before I was born. Now they believe in the prosperity gospel and say that they aren’t religious, they just have a relationship with Jesus.
Pray for me please, I need patience and charity.
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2021.07.31 02:50 Ok-Watercress-8331 Hey

u/ily_bot u still here
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2021.07.31 02:50 IAmIsCool You know.

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2021.07.31 02:50 csummerss Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1-2 are up for Pre-Order on CGN

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2021.07.31 02:50 Ryder5golf I’m pretty sure this is real. My congressperson. He is an anti-vaccine and anti- masker (Surprise!). My state is better than this.

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2021.07.31 02:50 Life-Ad393 F14 [chat] Bored and at home. I wish I was out with my friends but I'm grounded 😕 need someone to entertain me and make this a fun time. I love meeting new people. Any age or gender

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2021.07.31 02:50 IPA_Fanatic Just had one of those special moments on this game

I realized I could be playing New Vegas, so I closed Fallout 76, and opened up New Vegas to begin a new adventure.
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2021.07.31 02:50 CRYTEK_T-REX Such tolerance much wow

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2021.07.31 02:50 AdventurousChapter27 What PSU do i need for a rtx 2060 and 3060

what psu i need?
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2021.07.31 02:50 dekejithekaiser lamentavel

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2021.07.31 02:50 vitalmixofrutrients Isn't it funny how both of my parents say that "I am too principled"? They're SO close to coming to the realization that they're hypocrites.

Okay, what principles? Simple: The Non-Initiation of Force Principle and the Proportionality Principle. The one who Initiates Force gets what's going their way. The one who applies Force in an Non-Initiatory manner enforces righteous justice. And the Proportionality Principle is to prevent the escalation of conflict. Non-Falsifiable Evidence is what determines who Initiated Force or not.
The opposite of an Principled Person, is an Hypocritical Person who has many alter-egos and disassociates from time to time whenever it allows them to get the upper hand.
They're SO close to realizing that they're hypocrites. SO close. How can I bridge the gap?
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2021.07.31 02:50 bot_neen Diálogo Central: sobre la democracia participativa

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2021.07.31 02:50 Orangewolpertinger [Thank you]

u/succhilax if I remember correctly, I think I used my iPhone to take the pictures :). My July has been pretty good. I started a new job this month, which is exciting. I started watching Psych this year and also read The Secret Mother by Shalini Boland which was pretty good!
Thank you to whoever sent the Gloucester MA post card!
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2021.07.31 02:50 PsychShaman420 Good Dwarf/Grimnir quotes?

I’m planning on getting a tattoo to commemorate my absolute love for dwarves. Anybody have any good Grimnir or Slayer quotes?
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2021.07.31 02:50 biorogue DebonaireToast http://twitter.com/DebonaireToast/status/1421286490286530562 DebonaireToast

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2021.07.31 02:50 DJSTR3AM Why are people allowed to basically steal videos from TikTok and upload them to YouTube, but as soon as anything else copyrighted is uploaded to YT it's an issue?

YouTube has introduced their "Shorts" section where people upload 60 sec videos, basically to try and compete with TikTok. The only issue is, a majority of the videos are directly stolen from TikTok, it even has the watermark and everything on there. How is that legal/allowed? Same with these TikTok compilations that are everywhere on YouTube too. It seems like a major double standard since YouTube is so strict about anything else copyrighted being uploaded to their platform...
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2021.07.31 02:50 geistired Como que eu faço amigos pela internet, na moral????????

Aê galera, é sério, eu às vezes me sinto meio cabisbaixa pq não tenho nenhum amigo próximo. Queria começar a conhecer pessoas pra jogar, passear, ir no cinema e etc., pq essas são atividades que eu faço exclusivamente com meus pais e eu vejo que, normalmente, todo mundo tem pelo menos um amigo pra isso.
Eu sei que dá pra fazer amigos por chats que nem Discord e tantos outros, o problema é que eu acabo me perdendo no meio de tanta gente falando ao mesmo tempo e a coisa não parece real (entende??). Alguém me dá um help nisso??
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2021.07.31 02:50 salem_survivor Academic Probation Screwed Me, Help!

So, long story short - I screwed around during my first semester of college and got put on academic probation. My GPA dropped to a 0.64, I was super depressed, COVID was really messing with everything. The school allowed me to come back for a next semester to 'fix it' and bring it back up to the required 2.0, and left my FAFSA intact. Awesome, sounds great - I busted my tail the entire semester to make up for it, and pulled my GPA all the way up to a 1.9. My school said that wasn't enough, put me on academic probation for another semester, and took away my FAFSA.
I already have loans that were taken out through the school for the small amount my FAFSA didn't cover. It's roughly around 9300 now, but this next semester won't be covered by anything. Due to that, I'm taking classes part time because I know it will push my GPA past that one dang 0.1 I need, and its a lot cheaper on me, but as I said - I have 0 clue how to go about taking out student loans, and hate having to have loans through two different providers. Who should I go through? What's the process like? And will it knock my credit down another whopping 70 points like it did last time? Thank you to anyone who can help me right now.
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2021.07.31 02:50 Marcus-997 El orígen

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2021.07.31 02:50 SaktoLangMD Sparring critique please (2nd month dedicated boxing training)

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2021.07.31 02:50 Ahyesclearly Pelosi’s thin majority narrows more with swearing in of Texas GOP Rep. Ellzey

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2021.07.31 02:50 kamikazepizza1945 The bestman for the job.

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2021.07.31 02:50 Gammawood210 Conundrum of the wild magic fruit.

Hello fellow DMs. I have an interesting question. Recently my players were going through a dungeon. They came upon a tree that had these fruits that, when eaten, would restore 2d8 hp and make them roll on the wild magic surge table.
One of my players has the chef feat and wants to attempt to make a couple of the fruits into a pie. How would you rule the pie work. I’m kinda stuck on what to do. Any help is appreciated.
Keep on DMs and may the dice be in your favor.
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