Go! Toddlers, Tiger Woods, and bathroom fight clubs: MMA legends share stories of meeting a young A.J. McKee |

Toddlers, Tiger Woods, and bathroom fight clubs: MMA legends share stories of meeting a young A.J. McKee

2021.07.31 02:57 JoseYoungs Toddlers, Tiger Woods, and bathroom fight clubs: MMA legends share stories of meeting a young A.J. McKee

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2021.07.31 02:57 TheCheerfulGuy The mope io story! Part 7, The Battle of Mope.io! (Second half)

[NOTE] this is the second half of part 7. Bryan: YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!! I WILL END YOU IN THE MOST CRUEL WAY EVER! James and Mike fought Bryan but Bryan was mostly focusing on James. Bryan was dodging most of their attacks. Soon, Bryan realized his army was slowly dying to Ella and Derek Bryan started attacking Ella and Derek. Mike protected them while James fought more of the army. Bryan saw this and started fighting James 1 on 1. James: just admit it, we are stronger than you! Bryan: YOU WILL NEVER WIN! ONCE I KILL YOU, I’LL TAKE CARE OF YOUR DUMB FRIENDS AND OBLITERATE THEM!!!!! James and Bryan fought really hard. They were dodging most of each others attacks. James was able to get him stuck somewhere and dealt tons of damage to him. After that, Bryan ran away scared. James: who’s the weak one now huh??? After Bryan healed up, he fought Mike, Derek, and Ella. Meanwhile, James took on 2 black dragons and killed them. Soon, 6 black dragons were left. Bryan: ARMY!! JUST HURRY AND DESTROY THE WORLD! They continued destroying the world but James and Mike stopped them. Derek and Ella fought a black dragon and killed it. Derek: we are winning! Ella: just 5 more to go!! They killed the remaining black dragons. Soon, Bryan approached them. Bryan: YOU MAY HAVE TAKEN OUT MY ARMY, BUT YOU HAVEN’T TAKEN OUT ME! I’M JUST TOO GOOD TO BE KILLED! James: you will never win! Mike: it’s the 4 of us vs just 1 of you. Derek: you better stop before we destroy you! Ella: yea! You stand no chance. Bryan: OH MY GOD JUST DIE ALREADY! They fought really hard and Bryan was beating them. Bryan: KING DRAGONS OR NOT, YOU GUYS ARE SO WEAK. James: oh yea! Well we are something that you aren’t!! Bryan: WHAT ARE YOU? BAD AT FIGHTING?? LOSERS?? James Mike Derek and Ella: We are the heroes of mope io! After that, Derek and Ella stung Bryan dealing lots of damage to him. Bryan: NO! I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN! After that, James and Mike tail slapped Bryan at the same time. Bryan: NOOOooooo….. Bryan was dead. James: omg! We actually won! We actually did it! Mike: we really are heroes! Ella: we are unstoppable! Derek: so… what should we do now? James: I know, we should search the world and find other people, we can start a civilization! Mike: yea! But we have to split up for that. I will take the land biome, James you can take the desert, Derek can search the oceans, and Ella search the Arctic. They agreed and started searching.
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2021.07.31 02:57 noticiasijhd how is it ?made this art ?rater please

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2021.07.31 02:57 bot_neen Rescatan a 178 migrantes de dos autobuses en Las Choapas, Veracruz

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2021.07.31 02:57 MrWordsmith1991 Steve, Bucky... Run?!... (Black Panther) sneaks up behind them... (Black Widow) started shooting.

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2021.07.31 02:57 ConstructionGood9507 Is the ever increasing size of a blockchain unsustainable and thus fundamentally flawed?

Something that I've never quite understood and which just seems unsustainable to me is the fact that blockchains appear to just grow in size. They're never trimmed or throw out data old data which may eventually be say over a 100 years old or so. How can a decentralised system continue to work efficiently in the future if distributed computers all around the world have to send and receive ginormously sized blockchains between eachother to verify transactions and add to a blockchain which inevitably will grow in size to millions of terrabytes in size over 10s or 100's of years?
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2021.07.31 02:57 GayBowser240 In-game purchases? What would that mean? DLC? Boards you can buy individually?

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2021.07.31 02:57 HappenedSafe Chroma Rush

Arrowhead brake/smallbore accurized rounds/flared magwell subsistence rampage range mw
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2021.07.31 02:57 Succ425 For anyone at camp, how has Trai Turner looked?

Haven't seen much reports on him. For those who have been able to attend the practices, how has he looked? Also, how has Chuks been so far, if he's played?
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2021.07.31 02:57 Atonewiththepuns Shopping fatigue

After spending a few hours shopping for someone else do y’all ever get fatigued from it? Like I need to go get my own food but I don’t want to go to the store. Sometimes it I’ll set aside a few days to recoup from all the shopping I’ve done just so I have food in the house for me. I also utilize target drive up a lot or frys/ Kroger pick up when I can afford it.
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2021.07.31 02:57 sciencecomic H: B/25FFR/90 Flamer and more W: Gatling Plasma Offers and others

Looking for B/25FF90, B/25FF15r or Legacy rolls
Also interested in Quad commando weapons but low priority
Full inventory here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o-z2aPhZr-4lqWerfC-GVJXGVAOQMiCmno2LIt1b3ZU/edit?usp=sharing
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2021.07.31 02:57 Emotional_Process70 COMEX Silver Has Traded to 21¢ oz, 1970-2021

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2021.07.31 02:57 Li-bear Streak 10: Making a little conversation with I bet my life song's lyrics.

Sam: I bet my savings in Vegas city
Lux: why do you do that?
Sam: I wanted to make a lot of money but I lost everything. I let you down, didn't I?
Lux: You need to think more before doing those nonsense actions.
Sam: I know I took the path that you would never want for me.
Lux: All these years I have sleepless nights because of you, why do you always risk everything?
Sam: Please forgive me for all I've done
Lux: It is not that easy, you need to take better decisions. At this point your words are empty.
Sam: I understand, I will. I won't leave you on your own again.
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2021.07.31 02:57 magoooty Noob question

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2021.07.31 02:57 SeizeTheArts My patch

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2021.07.31 02:57 cdts2192 [Metro Exodus] #50. Story and feel of the game were great but I think I still prefer the more linear games of the series.

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2021.07.31 02:57 heinaga1989 NFTs Realm! The FIRST fully functional NFT Marketplace on Kucoin Community Chain! 👊

NFTs Realm is the FIRST NFT marketplace on KCC!
🔮 NFT’s Realm will not only be an NFT Marketplace but also a social platform where you can "Follow", "Like", and "Subcribe" to creators. If you subscribe (For a certain price) It unlocks features such as "Less creator Royalty on purchases", "Discounted Prices", "Early access to their creations" etc. Those bonus features/discounts will be decided by the creator themself!
🔮 There will be a # feature so creators can # their work and try to get them trending, it will also make it easier to search for specific creations/themes of NFT’s
🔮 There will also be a chat room on each creators profile so that creators can interact directly with the collectors purchasing their NFT’s.
http://NFTsRealm.com (coming soon)
Current beta site - https://nfts-realm.netlify.app/
Tg https://t.me/NFTsRealmOfficial
Twitter - https://mobile.twitter.com/nftsrealm
Launch is in less than 2 weeks!
They will be launching a token as soon as the marketplace is live and fully functional! KCC is getting ready to EXPLODE into the spotlight And NFTs Realm will be on the front lines! Be sure to check all of their socials they have GREAT content all across the board!
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2021.07.31 02:57 SnooObjections9299 What New Player To See In MCC16

What New Player Will See In MCC16
View Poll
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2021.07.31 02:57 blackrose180 500! lost atsuki - shawna! drumkit

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2021.07.31 02:57 Lucky-Pianist-2554 TFW a 7 year old greets you with an enthusiastic “hello mother f****r!”

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2021.07.31 02:57 Helpful_Tajada Get Better PICNAB Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

Artists can upload their artworks as NFTs and choose to sell them on Picnab’s marketplace.
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2021.07.31 02:57 Bellsproutz Ds2 is considerably better co-op, how do you feel about it?

Anyone else feel like ds2 is way better co-op?
Currently doing a solo play through and its just frustrating me, the tracking of the moves is just crazy, there's attack that come out with not enough start up frames, and so many 1v2 or more fights against enemies.
Just so many of the problems are alot more tedious when you play solo.
I feel like it wouldn't be as bad if adaptability wasn't a thing, but still.
Just wanted to post my thoughts and see what other people think of ds2.
Also, I actually prefer ds2 compared to ds1 for clarification, just saying some issues I have with it.
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2021.07.31 02:57 gamethread-scraper [Official] LFA 113: Lewis vs. Petersen - Live Discussion Thread (x-post /r/MMA)

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2021.07.31 02:57 MoonFate Need cayo finale help

PS4, Cayo finale, tunnel entrance. Trying to get as much as possible so low cut would be appreciated!
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2021.07.31 02:57 broantkdh ❤️💙

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