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2021.07.31 02:23 Foreign-Magazine6370 Fight of the century

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2021.07.31 02:23 realmisty Do you have flood insurance?

Do you have flood insurance on your home? Our house is in a FEMA X 1/10 area in Fountain. I would rather not pay for it but I also think it might give me more peace just to get it.
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2021.07.31 02:23 TheGaminglime79 Does fuser console support KBM?

Title says it all really.
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2021.07.31 02:23 Madame_President_ Spinning bomb - Nerma Jelacic, 2021

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2021.07.31 02:23 whitzy15 😐🤙

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2021.07.31 02:23 ilikethat00 Summon me DS3 PS4 any boss including dlcs need sunlight medals.

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2021.07.31 02:23 rcx918 Chloramphenicol

How long after my dog stops taking Chloramphenicol can I stop being careful like not wearing gloves when cleaning up after her?
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2021.07.31 02:23 Jmaslo16 Have the tickets for upcoming shows been emailed out yet or are they supposed to arrive closer to the scheduled show?

I received a confirmation but not a PDF with the tickets yet. Has anyone received theirs?
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2021.07.31 02:23 Agreeable-Cash7843 Shuichi and Kaede at the McDonald’s

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2021.07.31 02:23 Pvpvs4 Buccal fat removal and chin lipo

Today I finally got my 6 point facial contouring under local anesthetic and holy crap I am never doing anything under local again. It was an extremely quick procedure and the doctor I had was super nice as well as all his assistants/nurses but it was truly a gruesome experience. I took .25mg of Xanax before the procedure to ease my nerves but it didn’t really work once the surgery started. The doctor started with some fluid injection to stretch out the skin and numb my neck area as well as my jowls. That sh*t , hurt like hell. Then came the loosening of the fat and the suction and it was the most intense sensation. There was a little pain here and there but just the sound and the fact that he was just under my skin….it was just gross and uncomfortable, I was shaking. Then came the buccal fat removal…once again some numbing medication which hurt. Then he cauterized the incision, I could feel the heat but no pain. It smelled like bbq meat, lmao! Then he pulled out all of my buccal fat, he said I had a lot in my cheeks, which is true, I’ve always had insanely chubby cheeks even at 110lbs. It hurt a little when he was pulling it out…well then he stitched me up with disposable stitches and I was done. My cheeks were immediately swollen. I looked like a chipmunk! It was honestly kinda funny, but once the numbing medication wore off my cheeks hurt so bad. I can’t tell if the incision or something else but I noticed it hurts not after I eat. I also have braces so I make sure to brush and swish water around constantly. I feel like the compression garment makes my cheeks hurt more. But I already see a bit of difference with my neck, I just can’t really tell because my cheeks are so big! The swelling has gone down however and I popped like 3 codeine pills through out the day. Overall I feel like trooper going through and am happy that I did something so life changing. I’m really excited for the results to fully develop. Please let me know about your experience (particularly with the pain) or if you have any questions, you are welcome to ask away! :)
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2021.07.31 02:23 plazmafire NSW Health Weekly Reports Not Being Updated...?

Has NSW Health given up on releasing the weekly surveillance reports? last one was released on the 19th, and only contains data up until the 10th.
Sure, I get they're busy and all that, but surely it's not that hard to update these things regularly? Maybe they've been uploading them somewhere else?
Anyone have any ideas?
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2021.07.31 02:23 americiz1 Time to sell my 8 Gb RX 580s?

With the upcoming changes to ethereum, with it still be worth it to use my 580s? Can still make profit after the new upgrade to ethereum?
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2021.07.31 02:23 FrozenFlash007 [Xbox] JUST COMPLETED THE EMERALD MASTER SET AND IM ECSTATIC!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳.

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2021.07.31 02:23 burnrlevindurantprob Anyone at the Worcester show?

I’ve been to a lot of his shows but he forgot the words of most of his songs…
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2021.07.31 02:23 supremeboxlogoz Selling Ticket

Selling Multi Day GA Tier 5 ticket for $500. lmk.
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2021.07.31 02:23 JewJap09 intangible

It was there, not too long ago.
A moment when my Heart felt whole.
A time where i didn't feel alone.
Happiness from a Home, away from Home.
A place my soul belonged; feeling a rush through my veins of distant comfort.
Yes, it was there, but i can't explain how or where
It came from; like some kind of magic or spell,
i couldn't tell from the dream to the reality but i know,
It was there.

You were there, not too far away.
Though far enough, i couldn't reach.
As if you were a mirror of myself, but not quite me.
Hoping for the pleasure one day that we could meet.
Then maybe, just maybe, we could feel complete by
Filling the missing pieces of the puzzle that were lost.
Yes, you were there, though at the same time, you weren't;
like a ghost i could see, but i couldn't physically touch though
i felt your presence that
You were there.

I am here,
Only to be a phantom of what has become.
Only to be a figment of what is lost.
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2021.07.31 02:23 ALiteralRainbow Trustworthy places to find news?

Just curious what you guys genealy use as your day-to-day news sources. I usually use NPR whenever I feel the urge to check the news, but idk how unbiased it is or not.
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2021.07.31 02:23 LuckyDuckThrift Poem

We sit together, the mountain and I, until only the mountain remains.
- Li Po
In her second month she spreads out on the green blanket, counting the blades of grass. She, in Spring, can praise God for proportions. She sees the blueprint and building, she understands unity, and at that moment her joy is great indeed.
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2021.07.31 02:23 iK_550 Kenyan parliament is a clown circus

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2021.07.31 02:23 johnny_mcgory What font is this?

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2021.07.31 02:23 MagicalProject-S Art Of Fighting | KYOTO VIDEO

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2021.07.31 02:23 Shotsfired20755 Not my post but Skyrim has some Ace vibes and I’m not only talking about the dragons

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2021.07.31 02:23 Coda_Ra Y E S o_o

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2021.07.31 02:23 Fun_Master_Ed I've remade the first arcade video game in 10 hours

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2021.07.31 02:23 Low-Temperature-3162 He is a pretty princess

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