Go! What do you think about addiction therapists using medical marijuana? |

What do you think about addiction therapists using medical marijuana?

2021.07.31 02:59 AryaJoyy What do you think about addiction therapists using medical marijuana?

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2021.07.31 02:59 etkramer Got my third ever ace!!

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2021.07.31 02:59 blinkyvx very specific [ only early morning] mid abdominal pain sharp like pulled muscle...

Hurts with a deep inhalation, but shallow breath doesn't bother it, The pain goes away within minutes of getting up to go pee [ thinking bladder issue right? so did i] So one or two nights id get up early 4am and empty, around 5-6am id re awake and still have said pain. So rule out bladder pressure?
-I work 7pm to 8am, and this pain never happens when awake.
I've tried fasting, so rule out food/digestion relation
- Maybe it comes before having to poop? nope i've tracked that and cant find a exact or near correlation
- muscle spasm? Well ive tried high doses of flexeril at night, and its had no impact
- the mornings when i wake with it have decreased a lot, sleep position doesnt seem to relate. Tried sleeping on back with pillow under knee to relax lower back[ i have high tension in my pelvic area, it constantly tightens from years of "sucking my gut in" a habit im still trying to break]
tried THC, no real change, but then ill have a week or so with no issues, but multiple years ive found no cause nor guaranteed solution to it....
any takers?
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2021.07.31 02:59 Aware_Environment Ordering a Custom Laptop, shows estimate shipping date a few days short of 2022. Is it exaggerating?

It’s an Elitebook x360. Seeing other posts here with September or October dates, I can wait that out, but 2022 is a long stretch. I don’t know if its worth it anymore.
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2021.07.31 02:59 scbismarck [USA-MA] [H] Custom Build with i7-4790k and 780ti [W] Local Cash/Paypal

Hi Hardware Swap,
Recently completed a build so looking to sell an old one in great working condition for a gamer on a budget. Never overclocked and mostly played triple a and competitive shooters. Will run most modern triple a games on medium at 1080p no problem around 60fps give or take depending on the game. These were top of the line components a few years ago and would still last a good number of years before needing an upgrade.
Specs are as follows:
i7-4790k at 3.8GHZ Noctua L9i Gigabyte ITX Motherboard 2x8gb Hyperx GDDR3 memory at 1866mhz Gigabyte Windforce GTX 780ti 3X OC 80W Gold PSU ATX (sorry can't remember the brand) Samsung 840 EVO 256 GB SSD Boot drive Toshiba SSHD 1TB Mass drive Silverstone RVZ01 Case + fan
Things to note: The motherboard will need a new wifi card and antennas to be installed if you want wifi, these cost around $30-$40 on newegg and could probably be found for cheaper. https://www.newegg.com/p/14U-00FK-00092?item=14U-00FK-00092&source=region&nm_mc=knc-googleadwords-pc&cm_mmc=knc-googleadwords-pc-_-pla-_-network+-+interface+cards-_-14U-00FK-00092&gclid=CjwKCAjwxo6IBhBKEiwAXSYBs0Ygi3iZ-O2sTzOKsqlR9QU9gI37DuzTVMSBHnPs0VSqcgAKE53kehoCIqQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
The middle fan on the GPU stopped spinning but hasn't affected performance
Some upgrades I'd recommend and could do free of charge:
Upgrade the CPU Cooler to the Alpenfohn Black Ridge, the tolerances are tight for this upgrade but doable according to the measurements I made, would significantly improve CPU thermals and could even attempt to overclock. Additional slim 120 mm case fans from Noctua or your choice of brand
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/cfeSSk0
Asking $800 local cash OBO, will throw in a used cooler master keyboard in cherry mx reds and a used wired G502 if interested.
Will also ship at the buyers expense and will no longer be my responsibility once it leaves. I've had it travel internationally before in a suitcase with no problem but postal carriers in the USA are another monster entirely. I will do my best to pack it as well as possible with bubble wrap and foam but cannot guarantee its safe arrival.
Thank you for looking and please pm if you have any questions and feel free to make an offer!
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2021.07.31 02:59 Clare4Dominic Cannot find the video - help

My 10 year old Grandson Dominic has been playing with his dual channel oscilloscope i got him 2 or more years ago. He uses Jerobeam's and Hansi's work. He's going nut because he says he cannot find the 7 HOUR LONG video, on You Tube, done by either both together, or separate. The content was oscilloscope pictures, no music. He says he got to the video through one of their two websites but we cannot find it. Can you help?
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2021.07.31 02:59 pinkbatog Connection?

Is there anyone here that had recurring yeast infections until they started treating their PCOS? I am reading some articles online and there seems to be some connection with insulin but has anyone here personally experienced this?
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2021.07.31 02:59 plain_old_Gary Footprints, toes and everything... But....

So, unfortunately I lost my gamer clip of this at some point. However, in Saint Dennis near the 'market' (like the street or ally poorly market) next to where the stranger mission is where you talk to the priest I found footprints.
Not just any footprints. Each footprint was a different color, red, green, blue, purple, yellow, ect... And not boot prints, raw footprints, toes and everything. I've not seen these footprints anywhere else.
Believe me or not, I think it was just a random glitch, but you know how it is...
Has anyone else seen this?? I'm frustrated I don't have my clip anymore. Sorry in advance, not a troll.
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2021.07.31 02:59 bigbuford67 I handed it off to her husband working on his car. It paid well.

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2021.07.31 02:59 macabeas My new favorite T-shirt!

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2021.07.31 02:59 appar1tions Is there a way to throttle MRS (remote) migrations to O365?

Kind of an odd one I know. I was asked to look for a way to decrease the bandwidth allocation to on-premises migrations to O365. We're currently running a hybrid environment with Exchange 2016. As far as I know throttling policies on-premises don't affect migrations and Microsoft can only increase bandwidth not decrease (I asked).
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2021.07.31 02:59 Zmhe_ Confuse......

Hello po i just want to ask your opinion regarding on my job application result. I am actually done to my final and excel exam last July 16. Tumagal ang interview more than 1 hour then 3 person ang nagpanel. Then after that, Monday, July 19 tumawag ang hr ng recruitment firm sakin to do a favor na idagdag ko yung another formula sa excel na ginawa ko pero hindi siya kasama sa unang instruction na binigay sa akin so kinonsider ko siya as "add-ons" baka kasi tinitingnan nila kung yun bang mga nabanggit ko is kaya kong gawin in actual. The, last friday i personally message the hr to ask kung ano po bang status ng application ko sa kanila pero seen zone lang ako. Then one of my friend who's working on that company told me na nagkakaroon ng transition when it comes to manager position ganun na din sa work load nila sa loob kumbaga may re-organization na nangyayare. Yung ilan sa mga employee na umalis wala pa daw replacement so i assumed na baka nagfreeze muna sila. Pero it's still confusing on my part dahil before pa na mangyare yung transitions nila natapos ko na ang assessment ko hindi ko alam kung dapat pa ba akong umasa or maghintay. Pinanghahawakan ko lang din po kasi yung shinare nung kaibigan ko about the others na naiinform ang recruitment firm nila kung decline or accept ang application. Dahil mayroong case na sa 1st screening palang nagsabi na ang recruitment firm na within 1 week kung hindi makakareceived ng tawag coming from them is automatically decline ang application. May isang tao din naman akong nakausap regarding sa situation ko common daw na nangyayari ang mga ganung scenario sa ilang big companies pero the point is naka-hang ako para kasing habang tumatagal mas nagiging palaisipan sa akin kung ano na nangyare sa naging assesment ko sa kanila ..isa kasi sa pinanghihinayangan ko is yung time and effort na ininvest ko dahil pinocus ko muna ang sarili ko sa company na yun. Maraming salamat po sa sasagot.
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2021.07.31 02:59 osaslelo Messi be looking like one of those villains In a gta game.

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2021.07.31 02:59 Brilliant_Spirit_428 AMC Web Cast Info

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2021.07.31 02:59 Just-Development3326 First day under the UFL3000 from Unit Farm. Smaller footprint than expected but it's plenty bright. Let's see how it handles the 2x4! 💚

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2021.07.31 02:59 MrRogers0415 Dikithium Exchange

Is there currently any way to convert Zen to Dil?
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2021.07.31 02:59 zuyon789 You cant say you never wanted this

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2021.07.31 02:59 TessaCr "Breaching the Fortress" White to Move: Checkmate in Two - Sam Lloyd 1859

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2021.07.31 02:59 johamich 📍 If you are looking for someone for SEXTING, GFE. NUDES.CAM.I'm here ☺ [Selling] 💸 ▪︎ I can be your best BRIDE make and take photos and videos LIVE HOT📸 for you all day⏰ Just find me at KIK》 johamich20😘 my snap camilaguzna2021😈

📍 If you are looking for someone for SEXTING, GFE. NUDES.CAM.I'm here ☺ [Selling] 💸 ▪︎ I can be your best BRIDE make and take photos and videos LIVE HOT📸 for you all day⏰ Just find me at KIK》 johamich20😘 my snap camilaguzna2021😈 submitted by johamich to nudetoon [link] [comments]

2021.07.31 02:59 alle15minuten Gerade ist es July 31, 2021 at 03:59AM

Gerade ist es July 31, 2021 at 03:59AM
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2021.07.31 02:59 mrgoxx Stream ended

Mr. Goxx has left the office.
DISCLAIMER The stream and all related posts are for entertainment purposes only. Investments shown here are not financial advice. Do not make financial decisions based on trades or data shown here. Mimicking trades might lead to severe financial losses. All data is supplied without guarantee and liability. Errors, delays and omissions of data are expected.
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2021.07.31 02:59 theghostsaaa how can i (a stranger) make you happy :)?

I know this kinda strange but i would love to do my best to make you happy
in my point of view nothing better than made someone happy
and i dont know how can i make someone's happy so ask me anything i can do for you to be so and i will do my best to do it for you :)
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2021.07.31 02:59 TSN_Yeet Alan walkee is also my favorite

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2021.07.31 02:59 strawberryshortycake How early should I reveal my character's race?

My MC is bi-racial (dad is black, mom is white). Her race is not the focus of my story, but it does play an important role in the plot. I don't want to just be like "She was bi-racial", so up to this point I've only described her as having brown skin. Granted I'm only one chapter and a prologue in.
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2021.07.31 02:59 steoluk Nice meme

Nice meme
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