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2021.07.31 04:04 the-boopinator The beyond

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2021.07.31 04:04 SittinOnTheRidge How cute are theyyyyy?! 🥺🥰

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2021.07.31 04:04 tpw2000 Had my first cigar last night and majorly effed up

I made a lot of mistakes (resulting in such violent nicotine overdose that I ended up throwing up) that I didn’t research well enough and hope to chalk it up to a learning experience
1: smoking on an empty stomach- it had been a few hours since I had eaten, didn’t know that would be an issue
2: cutting properly! I recut because I had miscut, resulting in swallowing a small piece of leaf (hardly any, but it was what made me exhume my prior meal)
3: smoking too fast- I had a Padron Delicia that took me less than an hour to smoke to a nub
3.a: because I smoked so fast, I found myself unable to really enjoy the cigar tastes, it was closer to the taste of a cigarette (my fault entirely)
Hopefully this won’t subconsciously ruin cigars for me but I plan to try again with new knowledge!
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2021.07.31 04:04 SuperStefanMaker Scott the Woz collection for PS Vita

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2021.07.31 04:04 Poohwh0 Tommy exile home screen pog

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2021.07.31 04:04 Scared-Ad-7500 Fui colocar as mãos no saco pra esquentar um pouco e acabou grudando

Fui colocar as mãos no saco pra esquentar um pouco e acabou grudando, igual no debi e loide quando ele coloca a língua no ferro porque também tava gelado, estou digitando com o pênis que está começando a gangrenar, por favor mandem reforços
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2021.07.31 04:04 Troubled_Psych Recommendations: Literature that blends minimal qualitative data into quantitative pieces

Hi all,
I'm having trouble finding references for correct use of qualitative data within publications. I find that the guidelines provided by JARS-Qual doesn't suit what I wish to achieve. I want to use qualitative data to convey points, but not to rely on them for analyses.
I'm looking for any and all sources of inspiration for my fourth year piece.
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2021.07.31 04:04 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: ANALYSIS: Former FDA Director Says Delta Will Run Its Course In Three Weeks. Here’s How https://t.co/HWJB7nnp2p

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2021.07.31 04:04 jmg_50 Odd question but why not! 15T or WOFT?

Hello all, I am considering joining the military after I graduate from college. I would love some feedback on my plan(s).
First, a little about myself:
Working on a BA in History/Adolescent Education. 105 credits so far. +200 Volunteer hours at a Aviation Museum. Avid reader of Military History. Planning on pursuing a MA and or a PhD in History sometime later on in life. 3.73 GPA.
Originally I planned on going WOFT after college. This is because I LOVE AVIATION!! Then the army changed its ADSO to 10 years. No offense, but I don’t have 12 years in me. I want to get some experience as a soldier and then move on to a teaching career.
Furthermore, some say that I should go OCS. I don’t want to be an officer. It takes more time to get selected and I may branch something lame.
I want to get my hands dirty and pick my job.
This has led me to consider enlisting out of college as 15T. Is this a mistake when I can go street to seat or OCS and make more $$$$?
What would you folks recommend?
My dream has always been to be a military historian. I want to write books about ordinary people. My hero has always been the draftee from Rural Iowa as opposed to the West Point Grad General. I feel like I need this experience as an enlisted man. I want to get in touch with ordinary Americans. What should I do!?
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2021.07.31 04:04 Exploshroom Something rattling in my desktop

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2021.07.31 04:04 air_ric__ Played Tokatee in McKenzie Bridge Oregon… stunning course

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2021.07.31 04:04 TheGreyRose As seen on TikTok. Just.. Why??

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2021.07.31 04:04 Fireninja9201 Finally beat Undertale on xbox

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2021.07.31 04:04 DetectiveWilly I want to help people win squad duos for ratched challenge but...

...I CANT! I only got paired with super weak beans that wont even finish a race. I don't mind carrying, I actually enjoy it, but I only team up with beginners who clearly don't know any level!? I really want to know how mmr works because this happens EVERY single squad duo game for me.
I'm slightly above average, have the bean bot costume (because I play more than most people) but I never got paired with at least average players?? I CANT HELP YOU!!! AAAAAH
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2021.07.31 04:04 ToughAcanthisitta451 [KameChann] That will be fine

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2021.07.31 04:04 codxinx_addict hmmm

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2021.07.31 04:04 _mrwoodman_ I found these two bad boys at target today.When I saw them I was astonished

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2021.07.31 04:04 deviantcrisis Gianna (Nikon D7200, 50mm f1.8)

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2021.07.31 04:04 Pitiful_Captain8315 27 M4MF Dying to have a devil's threesome

I know that any couple on here gets hundreds of messages from horny dudes trying to fuck their girl, but I promise I'm different. I'm a 27 year old 6'5 white male with an 8in cock and I regularly go to the gym and am in great shape. I'm really kinky and love trying new things in the bedroom, and have been fantasizing about being in a mfm threesome for quite a while. I just love the idea of seeing a woman getting pleased by someone while also pleasing someone else, it's just so hot. And if you aren't into sharing, I'd totally be down to bring some lube and play with myself in the corner, and film if you're into that, I'd never push any boundaries!
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2021.07.31 04:04 Sourwriter0 *sighs*

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2021.07.31 04:04 Dtrinnie 🎮 Farm Gaming (FARM/BNB)🎮 ⏰ 1 SECOND OLD ON BSC 🌎 Listed On PancakeSwap 🌎 Liquidity locked 100 DAYS

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2021.07.31 04:04 MozzySupreme Let’s give a big shout out to to all the new people joining crypto and weathering out the storm. If you didn’t sell you did well, now you understand why they say “buy the dip” you’ll always end up with more chips. 😉

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2021.07.31 04:04 No-Percentage-4776 මොකද වෙන්නේ කස්ටිය 🤝🤙🙏

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2021.07.31 04:04 TenaciousBroski Just Started Making Wax Carts, Need Advice

So I just bought a hotplate and some other supplies and made my first couple of carts with some diamonds and badder. Anyways, the carts turned out great, gets me lit just like taking a dab. So, I decarb them at 170 for about 30-40 mins, until the bubbles stop, am I doing it right? Why do some people decarb at 250f when you can do it so much lower? Also, why do people cut there carts with dist when they can just melt their own concentrates straight up? And I love live resin carts. Everytime I am in Denver or any legal state I stock up on them...How do I get that flavor with live resin badder or sauce and dist? And one more question, I found some live resin terps from https://trueterpenes.com/live-resin/, would that help make the carts feel more live resinish? Thanks guys.
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2021.07.31 04:04 Aerd_Gander Omen Talionis

Previous: Rightful
Val Kazag waited at the perimeter of the fireball, his squad at his back. Kudul, his shield brother, was in the process of increasing their morale, performing various Cabal chants and clanging their armor together.
The roar of Interceptor engines came loud and clear from around the bend, and a pair of the hulking Cabal vehicles stopped in front of Val Kazag, speaking into his mind directly. The freshly minted Centurion smiled widely, slapping a magazine into his new Bronto Cannon. He turned on the psion. “Very well. However, you two were meant to report fifteen minutes ago- I won’t be signing off on your rations tonight. Leave my sight.” He lifted them both from their seats, tossing them aside. The two small creatures looked at each other, scurrying into the base complex.
"It would appear an old friend is in need, shield brother." He turned to Kudul.
"Old friend? I didn't realize there was anyone in this system matching that description, Val Kazag." Kudul responded coldly.
Val Kazag chuckled, "Don't be like that, Kudul. Worry not, after this mission, I'll put in a good word with Thumos in my report. I'm sure his recommendation will go a long way toward your promotion."
“I don’t need your patronage to make rank, shield brother.” Kudul made a scathing hiss with his grinding teeth. “Who is this old friend anyway?”
“Why, none other than old Val Tlu’uoll!” Val Kazag savored the irony. “He is guarding the mines, and a band of Fallen pirates has beset them. They’ve suffered losses and need relief. How delightful that we are the ones to respond!”
Despite himself, a grin came to Kudul’s face. “Har! Let’s not waste time, then.” He mounted the second Interceptor, revving its oversized engine. “We’ve got ships to grease, after all.”
“Too right!” Val Kazag agreed, mounting up as well. “Men! Follow closely!”
The squad moved out, rumbling over the hills and through the swamps, the machines vaporizing the moisture in the soil beneath them. As they rolled through a forested gulch, the unmistakable sound of Fallen transmat bounced off the trees nearby, denoting the arrival of a Skiff. Val Kazag whipped his Interceptor violently to face it. With two shots, he disabled the small transport’s weaponry.
“For the glory of the Red Legion! Open fire!” Val Kazag ordered. Kudul and the Legionaries obliged, launching salvo after salvo at the craft. It rocked and pitched, shuddering viciously under the oppressive wall of fire. The crew inside attempted to dismount, only to be decimated in the wave of rounds. A stray shot pierced the cockpit, killing the pilot inside, and the Skiff began to rotate unnaturally, before buckling in the center, exploding into two separate pieces and sinking into the muck. The Cabal gave a warcry and continued forward, singing marches and praise for the Dominus. They sang for the resurrection of Torobatl, the end of the Hive, and the conquest of the galaxy.
“For we are Cabal!” Val Kazag bellowed. “We eat the mountains!”
“We drink the seas!” Kudul responded.
“And we will make our enemies fear our drums of war, to their very core.” Val Kazag added on. The squad approached a ravine, a gash in the land, where the road itself fell into the yawning abyss. He wondered idly if this formation was natural, or if it was caused during humanity’s collapse. His attention quickly shifted as he heard the distinct Arc-laden wine of approaching Pikes. A group of four of the hovering bikes made their way toward Val Kazag’s squad, accompanying a Prime Servitor. It seemed they had originally been heading in the direction of the mines- reinforcements for the siege effort? Perhaps Val Tlu’uoll actually deserved some credit.
“Focus up, Cabal! We shall choke these insects of Ether as the Dominus choked the Guardians of their Light!”
Kudul rocketed forward to meet the opponents. The faster Pikes quickly surrounded him, but their fire was nigh on inconsequential against the far bulkier Interceptor. Their turrets spat an endless torrent of lightning, but Kudul expertly maneuvered through their assault, his vehicle taking the brunt of it. As one of them got behind him, he spun on a dime, unleashing a retaliatory shot that exploded beneath the Pike, sending the lightweight vehicle’s chassis and its rider off the cliff. The chattering death scream resounded throughout the ravine.
“Hah!” Kudul turned to the rest of the Pikes, taking out a second one and then turning to face the Servitor. Its eye glowed brightly, and a sudden Void discharge launched out, crushing the engine. The explosion of the vehicle sent Kudul sliding toward the ravine, and Val Kazag cringed.
“Shield brother!” He called out. Kudul slipped near the edge, but got his bearings just in time to raise his vibroblade and push it into the tarmac, locking him in place, with his legs hovering over certain death.
“I am fine! Clear the path! Val Tlu’uoll still awaits us! I won’t die until I see his shame, I can guarantee it!”
Val Kazag roared out. With a forceful grip, he jammed the trigger system, and stood tall in his seat, bringing his Bronto Cannon to bear. He fired expertly, allowing the Solar and Void projectiles to commingle on landing, their shared explosions cratering the earth. As the two Pikes approached, he shot to the left of the leading one, the concussive force sending it directly into its accompanying vehicle. The next pair of Solar-Void shots landed right on the exposed engine, creating a joint omni-elemental explosion that left both vehicles, along with their riders, as nothing but smoke and ash. He took several shots at the Servitor overhead, but it showed no response- its armor and its powerful shielding saw to that.
“Graaaaaagh!” Val Kazag left the engine on, and kept the weapons firing. He dismounted, then grabbed the Interceptor by the back of the seat. Using the force of the weapon’s recoil, he rotated once, then twice, then pitched the entire heap of metal at the Prime, launching it like a hammer. He ran to Kudul, gripping his arm, as the explosion of Void and Ether singed the surrounding trees, and sent some careening into the land-scar. The force of the blast threatened to do the same to him, but he gripped one of the two Severi seated on his back- the same that brought down Val Zhuguz- and used it to root himself and Kudul to the ground.
He lifted up Kudul once the danger had passed, chuckling. “Well. Seems we don’t have those anymore. They weren’t going to be much use in the mines anyhow.”
The shield brothers rallied the troops, and together they marched onward, soon arriving at the gaping entrance into the earth. There were no further signs of Fallen or Cabal bodies- perhaps Val Tlu’uoll had made his stand deeper inside?
“Make a perimeter. We won’t be such fools as the Val- ambush could arrive at any moment.”
“Val Kazag!” A Legionary, one who was initially very close to Val Zhuguz, approached. “Look at the ground. It is scorched… yet the grasses thrive.”
Val Kazag bawked, and he looked sideways at the Legionary. “Adjust your suit pressure.”
Kudul shook his head, “He speaks truth, shield brother. Look closely!”
Val Kazag frowned, taking a knee and looking where Kudul indicated. Sure enough, there were several long ellipses scored with flame into the dirt. The marks were terribly recent- they couldn’t have been marked more than an hour prior to the squad’s arrival. Not to mention- the grasses were covered in pearls of dew, though the sun glared directly above them in the sky.
“Move in, squad! We shall assess the situation further inside the mines.”
Something was deeply amiss. The squad fanned out inside the mines, finding scraps of Cabal and Fallen bodies strewn about. All were well and truly dead, but there were small oddities that could not be explained by normal warfare. Many of them were scored by miniscule, yet perfectly round scars, all throughout their body, as if something had perforated them. Some of their suits showed signs of an electrical charge still, though their life support ought to have failed upon the wearer’s deaths.
“The elevator still functions. We can easily make our way to the surface.” Kudul pointed out.
Val Kazag nodded. “Let’s.” He didn’t have much more to say. He and Kudul moved up, leaving the squad to guard their exit at ground level, in case any further pirates decided to make an appearance.
The elevator led to a small cliff outcropping, where they found none other than Val Tlu’uoll himself- long dead, with a charged pole of pure Arc energy piercing directly through his head. As the two approached, the staff vanished, and a delta-wing light craft crested the hill, floating up vertically. It stood still for a moment, its cylindrical motors keeping it in place. Nearby, a transmitter flared to life.
“All Guardians in the system, fall back to-”
The jumpship’s weapons belched a rapid swarm of tracer rounds, decimating the transmitter. As Val Kazag attempted to fire back, the ship turned, rolled once, and peeled out, vanishing above the atmosphere.
Val Kazag approached Val Tlu’uoll’s body, still charged with the unmistakable power of Arc Light. “We must report to Thumos…” He tossed the old Val’s weapon to Kudul, and then disengaged the crest from his back, bringing it to his shield brother. “A Guardian has reclaimed the Light.”
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