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SEATTLE (KOMO) - A Seattle man was arrested at Sea-Tac International Airport as he was about to travel to join ISIS in order to engage in violent acts of terrorism in the Middle East or the U. S ... Join now to get advance info about upcoming engagements, FREE screening invitations, notifications of filmmaker appearances, and other events at a Landmark Theatre near you! Please enter your email address to subscribe to our Film Club email OR to change your subscription options: Linking people, skills and opportunities to create an awesome crypto commerce network. Join us today! Join Us Today Join Us Today. Already a member? Click here. Learn More About Your Audience Discover how your show is performing and learn about your audience through the Stitcher Partner Portal. Reach your audience everywhere Millions of people listen on Stitcher via our iOS and Android apps, desktop player, smart speaker integrations, and car ... Food City Careers Careers We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Please complete the following form : Please complete the following form The official website of Lucius. Shop Contact Contact The best way to share presentations on the web. authorSTREAM retains your animations, audio narrations and in-slide videos. Broadcast presentations live, communicate and collaborate in real time. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.07.31 04:18 AppropriateYak4768 Join my subreddit! :) (please)

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2021.07.31 04:18 Electrotango Increase difficulty but not reps?

Has anyone experimented with somehow adding resistance/ weight to increase the difficulty of ring fit exercises? If so, would you mind sharing your setup?
I wanted to try the "fewer reps/ higher weight" style of training if possible rather than only increasing reps
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2021.07.31 04:18 Crazis96 SP Plugy - Bad Header - Fix

So i just had a scary moment : Cannot connect - bad header error when logging in and after looking online i didnot find anything to help. This is what i did (Plugy SP with up to date version and 1.14d patch). The error what caused by the shared stash, i dont know why but it was that. I use no other mod but Plugy. ( YOUR CHARACTER LAST USED MIGHT BE DELETED, KEEP READING UNTIL THE END)
So heres what i recommand :
In SP saved files which are under Windows(x) / user / name / saved games / diablo II, you have access to all your saved characters. Here, save everything in a new folder on your computer. Then 1 by 1, delete file ( try shared stash file 1st ) and see if your able to log on any character. If you can log after deleting your respective gameplay sharedstashsave ( Theres 2 , 1 normal and 1 HC ), then you know your sharedstash is bugged. No way to fix it that i know of.
IN RECENTS PLUGY UPDATE, they added a BACKUP file in this diablo II folder.
In this backup file, sort by MODIFIED LAST and you will have alot of Saved files and each one have a saved sharedstashsave as it was when u exited the game at that time. Keep in mind those back up are actually made everytime u save and exit.
So now, you deleted your bugged shardstashsave in Diablo II and you explored the Backup file. Your last log out before the bug happens is where it happened. Try to copy paste the Sharedstashsave and character from this save. You'll notice it wont work and maybe the character will not even appear. Its normal. This saved is corrupted for whatever reasons.
Your only option is to recover the most recent saved of this character in this backup folder. It might have been 2 min ago, or 2 days ago if your unlucky. Thats it. For the sharedstashsave tho, you can pick the most recent saved file before the corrupted ( last played) character.
IF YOU DONT HAVE THIS BACKUP FOLDER, THERES 1 OTHER OPTION. You have to manually copy paste your saved file for protection in case a bad thing happens. I used to copy paste em every week or so, but that can be a lot of gg items lost if you have a bad header error. I recommand going to the most recent plugy version for those backup file.

Thats it. I hope it will help. If you have anything to add to help, im sure someone will appreciate. Im sure I would have love to have this given to me before i freaked out and had to look out for solution (1st time exploring this backup file).
I hope it helped!!!
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2021.07.31 04:18 Anonymous020102 Would governments tax you on cryptocoin if you only own cryptocoin?

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2021.07.31 04:18 OfficialBankers CaCa For Sale

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2021.07.31 04:18 AnAlienFrom1955 Find my device help

My phone was stolen. I suspect I know who stole it. They most likely removed my accounts from the phone though so find my device is not working. They're also aware of turning off location. However, I have the email address of someone who is probably logged in on it. Is there no way to use this to help find the phone? If not that's kind of baffling.
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2021.07.31 04:18 A-normal-sfs-player Rare image of sfs eath

Rare image of sfs eath
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2021.07.31 04:18 ryno0325 Peek a boo!! (29m) [oc]

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2021.07.31 04:18 Haryzen_ Can I please not get matched against the team that just destroyed us 5-0 in Trials?

Is the mode that dead? Its bad enough getting ass blasted by gods that shouldn't even be taking us on but twice, back to back? For gods sake.
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2021.07.31 04:18 cucarkus Griffin Art ($GART) | 600k Market Cap, in a bullrun now! Perfect time! | The first major NFT marketplace and Game project that powered by a token with buy-back mechanism! | Huge potential! Join the Telegram group for the get information.

GriffinArt is a next-generation, automated and decentralized major marketplace for creators/artists, collectors and traders.
Griffin art is powered by a transparent, strong, reliable and HYPER-DEFLATIONARY (buy-back mechanism) token($GART).
Griffin Art's vision is creating an easy user interface, accessible to the users, creators, and collectors. The users can build their collections or purchase NFTs directly from other users on Griffin Art marketplace with very low fees.
>NFT Marketplace is in development and you can check the preview version
>Also started to develop their GAME
>PROFESSIONAL WHITEPAPER: https://griffinart.finance/griffinart-whitepaper.pdf
>TECHRATE SECURITY AUDIT: https://github. com/TechRate/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/Griffin%20Art.pdf
$GART Features:
-It has a buyback function that automatically takes %7 of all the transactions, make a buyback with that amount and burns all the tokens it gets. So there won’t be two sells in a row ever, after every sell there will be a buy in the board. Circulation supply will always decrease with a price increase. Also bots cannot abuse this buyback mechanism, some parts of the function has upgraded in order to make it invulnerable.
-It has a redistribution function that takes %2 of all the transactions’ token amount and proportionately distribute them to the holders. So the amount of token that a holder has is always increasing with every transaction.
-Also there are %2 marketing fee.
Pancake Link: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xd1ECFDD45c49057479c4Ca95E045855370bC4F5B
Poocoin Link: poocoin. app/tokens/0xd1ecfdd45c49057479c4ca95e045855370bc4f5b
Telegram: https://t.me/griffinart
Website: https://griffinart.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GriffinNFTArt
As always, DYOR and if you have any questions feel free to join our active telegram community!
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2021.07.31 04:18 throwaway4202069 Chances at Texas A&M and UT Austin?

Demographics: Mexican, speaks Spanish and English
Income: ~30k
Intended Major: Biochemistry
W GPA: 3.8, UW GPA: 4.2
Rank: Top 8%
AP’s: 9 in total, 4s and 5s on the exams
SAT score: 1350 (only took once)
Extracurriculars: * Summer internship- Taught music theory to kids :) * School choir 2 years, varsity for 1 year * Yes Club * Church choir member for 7 years * Playing piano for 4 years, have won several awards * SHS and SNHS * Creative writing group * Part time job
Chance me for UT Austin and Texas A&M? I think I have a good shot at A&M but UT worries me lol. Thank you guys :)
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2021.07.31 04:18 CptnNoOne Republicans In The House Are Up In Arms About Wearing Masks For Three Days Before Departing For Two Months.

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2021.07.31 04:18 unicornchild15 If aliens came to earth tomorrow, what would you do?

View Poll
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2021.07.31 04:18 vanschmak You can only take one album with you, which one is it?

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2021.07.31 04:18 YaBoiDarryl7912 I got tired of losing in trophy thieves/present plunder tp edgars so I made this

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2021.07.31 04:18 Far_Interaction3691 Join the ThotHub 💦 Discord Server!

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2021.07.31 04:18 AnasaAyatan SKILL reward went to 0

So I started playing the game today. Tried doing combat and went on to win a total 0.07+ SKILL (I know its not much) and then after a while the rewards say I have 0 SKILL. What do you think happened to the SKILL I won? Will I ever get it back
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2021.07.31 04:18 EricSchC1fr 45% of Republicans support a universal vaccine mandate, as do a strong majority of Americans, a new poll shows

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2021.07.31 04:18 Taggerung179 Computer consistently resets without warning while fighting Raksha

I need help. I've been using this week of free deaths to try new bosses and I've noticed that when fighting Raksha (I haven't really been paying attention to other times) my computer consistently hard resets anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute within the fight.
I've done some digging and heard that the NTX client likes seems to do this and there have been suggestions on running the game in compatibility mode. Through Steam I have tried this and does not seem to work, but Windows 10 acts like it doesn't know what an .exe file is when testing in troubleshooting.
Does anyone have any helpful advice or fixes? I'm pretty sure I've had a few computer resets when playing casually, but never with the frequency as when I'm attempting Raksha which has me crashing before I ever reach phase 2, and I'd like to try and get at least one successful kill in before this week is over, and that is kind of hard with my issue.
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2021.07.31 04:18 Doctor_Karate Nighthawks!

Group of about 8 Nighthawks flying/feeding above Sunnyland right now 🙂
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2021.07.31 04:18 NO_NAME_AVALABLE Ex Flat-Earthers of reddit, what made you stop being one?

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2021.07.31 04:18 Cotton_Candy_Jani day 2 0v0

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2021.07.31 04:17 zoeygirl69 Justice Department says IRS must give Trump's tax returns to Congress.

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2021.07.31 04:17 boothakr When is too much, too much?

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2021.07.31 04:17 JS_005 My WIP Custom Beta Ray Bill

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