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2021.07.31 03:09 Known-Ad290 Oh boy

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2021.07.31 03:09 Gayboi18wastaken I found the uncrafting table but it won’t work (I have the levels needed)

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2021.07.31 03:09 palmpoop Yes, I also play COD

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2021.07.31 03:09 Christinathenothuman It’s really annoying when people give themselves awards

Is so annyoing who would do that
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2021.07.31 03:09 nosuchthingasacc n*/bloating/constipation tips?

i love water and peppermint gum when it comes to feeling n*, but I was looking for suggestions on tips, exercises, or medicines… please let me know!!
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2021.07.31 03:09 lodolitemoon [MO] Melba

Sad to see her go but sweet Melba is in boxes, anyone want to give her a good home? Not asking for anything in return :)
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2021.07.31 03:09 lazywhims Katy Berry, Houjicha, Cheese Cakelicious, Caviar Chocolate, Berry Toffee, Heart Beat, Alcapone, Mocca Bella, Mylosaurus, Alcapone, Oreology, and Choco Nuttzy

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2021.07.31 03:09 traytray19900524 The song “There was Jesus” giving me hope

My life’s been a mess for much of the past 3 years. Faults of my own, and circumstances out of my control. And it was all topped off with the death of my dear mother in January 2020 unexpectedly. During this time I’ve been so bitter, angry, and utterly lost. But I hear this song, and I hear there was Jesus during all of those moments. So comforting, it brings tears to my eyes. All of the brokenness the past 3 years point to him and my utter need for him. It’s just so comforting, that even when I was a downright ugly and hateful person, Jesus was always there. When so many left me, he never did. The past month I’ve found so much peace in just reflecting on this and being better. It feels so comforting to know when I felt alone, I never was. All I was searching for was always there. Even I have peace with the passing of my mom, she knew Jesus well and it with him. And that makes me sing in praise “Hell where is your victory? Oh death where is your sting?” Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to heal and grow
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2021.07.31 03:09 AngryZoomer New App feature? I like it

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2021.07.31 03:09 Qaukety_duck My friend and I decided to put Eddie and juicy into a random quote generator and I don’t know how to feel-

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2021.07.31 03:09 Taedagoat_ Join the Nude Empire | 3 invite = ACCESS Discord Server!

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2021.07.31 03:09 tdgreen21 Operation 8 not available?

I still haven’t gotten an update for operation 8 on my Xbox anyone know why?
Says I’m still on operation 7
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2021.07.31 03:09 camoNcolour 31 [M4F] Happy Saturday!

It’s my cake day and I have nothing good to post so how about you come chat with me instead?
Also I’m currently watching season 2 of Ted Lasso which is my new favourite show!
Dm your details and we’ll go from there.
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2021.07.31 03:09 Legitimate_Office_85 ✨🐕Ryoshi Launching Now - 💰 Fill up your bags - vigorous marketing ongoing! No one can stop this to reach high heights(MOON). Locked Liquidity - Ready to take off!

💎"RYOSHI" is a Standard BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) based decentralized community-driven and entertainment token. This community-driven token is going to take the meme game to another level, providing entertainment through NFTs, memes, music and art etc. 💎
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Community driven payment network👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
🎨As a community-driven token, Ryoshi will be used as a payment network and for daily entertainment purposes such as NFTs, Memes, art and music.🎭
📈Exponential Growth🌝
💎Ryoshi has already been listed on various leading cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges such as LBank, Hotbit, CoinMarketCap and Pancakeswap etc. and expanding more.💎
What’s to come……
⚫️Ryoshi swag🧢👕 ⚫️NFT😎 ⚫️Doghouse DEX🐶🐾 ⚫️Ryoshi wallet 🤑 ⚫️Donations to animal shelters💸🐕 ⚫️Comedy podcast🎤😂 ⚫️Own Blockchain technology-based Payment system across globally.
- much more…..
🤓Read our Goldpaper🚗
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🌎 Website: https://www.ryoshitoken.online/
💎 Contract: 0x1507386c281e923d6034c93fc947ec7d33cbbf98
🔥 100% LP Locked 2 years : https://bscscan.com/tx/0x1b1a3a721caf7d2379661618fa32cdf24e9cf5e756e0ce61d82758a4937f17bf
🔥Tokenomics :
- Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
-50% Tokens Burnt🔥
- 416T left in circulataion (approx)
-Liquidity is 42% Locked on Pancakeswap and threw away the keys 🔒
-7.5% Marketing & Dev👨‍💻
​-2% of Each Buy, Sell & Transfer will be Burnt🔥🔥🔥
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2021.07.31 03:09 kayossno1 Something to remember about the new album teasers

Again… I can’t stress this enough… NONE of the new tracks she’s previewed are album versions. They are literally ALL (with the exception of Shinigymi Eyes) DJ remixes of new material. AGAIN… the ONLY SINGLE TRACK previewed FROM the new record IN ITS ALBUM FORM is Shinigymi Eyes. You can tell just from the polish and the production.
This is a confusing way to preview an album to be sure, but we haven’t really heard ANY of it yet. For that matter, another three new songs were debuted in remix form on the Cyberpunk DJ mix, including one called… hello… “Claire De Lune”. She’s been teasing her fans who actually pay attention for a while now but instead of being happy and excited about the album they haven’t even heard yet (honestly, do you want the whole thing spoiled?) shes been revealing it slowly in teases.
Shinigymi Eyes is the ONLY track that’s been previewed in album form, and it has all the great quality of a Grimes banger. The rest were stems mixed into a rather typical EDM DJ set. Don’t believe me? Listen to how the tracks from Art angels and MA were mixed into the Cyberpunk mixes album and think to yourself if that was the first way you would have heard those tracks, would they have excited you? If I’m honest, totally NOT. But since I’ve heard those album tracks and they’re amazing… I’m not worried about the quality of the next record. Honestly Grimes is really getting great at creating DJ mixes with insane flow and she’s obviously put a lot of her heart into it, and I feel bad for everyone ripping them apart but at the same time it’s somewhat understandable because we want more Grimes music we love and expect. I was one of the first people who didn’t like Violence because it sounded like i_o and not Grimes (at first). It was only through repeated listens I realized how insanely Grimes it actually is with all her awesome production layered on top of i_o’s awesome track. Now it’s easily one of my favorites on MA.
I’m looking forward to the next Grimes record as all of you are, and I’m 100% sure it will be totally awesome. We’re in a very strange situation here. We have brand new stems from songs we haven’t even heard yet being first presented to us in often melody-lacking remixes. It’s honestly kind of frustrating, but it’s also a good way to keep the lid on your project until it’s polished and finished. if the record is going to be anything like Shinigymi Eyes that’s awesome because it’s a banger and is the natural and logical evolution from a track like Violence, which, if you recollect, was meant to be on this new album to begin with. This is how C is choosing to preview this record and to me it’s an interesting way to gain feedback from her fans while she polishes the actual record. If you actually think her first MAJOR STUDIO record is going to be generic EDM you’re out of your minds.
But at the same time I totally see where all of you are coming from. And to Grimes, if you’re reading this, us fans do love you… probably a little too much!
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2021.07.31 03:09 lyravide 30 [F4M] - Anywhere - Fairy Dust

Looking for an artist.
Someone into playing drums in a forest at night, into skinny dipping, into body painting...
A writer, occultist, quantum physicist.
A master of nature, online by some freak accident.
A full human being. Complete.
Would love for us to pick each other's brains and souls.
Night Light
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2021.07.31 03:09 Firebird432 I’m running for governor of Illinois! AMA

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2021.07.31 03:09 C-TAY116 It do be like that though... (OC)

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2021.07.31 03:09 codezero02 Trades

Got mexicans and ecuadorians thots hmu
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2021.07.31 03:09 Coleeemc DM me if you have

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2021.07.31 03:09 Own_Entry9457 Some one at least fought to the last man,can't believe I'm saying this but somehow isis had more determination than eren ever had in 139

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2021.07.31 03:09 subwaybooligan Bitcoin (BTC) Shoots $42,000 As $45 Billion Asset Manager GoldenTree Starts Buying

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2021.07.31 03:09 kalmecimlu Promo Code Aliexpress February 2021

Here is the Promo Code Aliexpress February 2021
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2021.07.31 03:09 BishopFistWick Honda CB900F side cover has model name in plastic. Discovered while sanding down a plastic welding job.

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2021.07.31 03:09 altmemer3 My mom is only 15 years older than me, yet she has the most boomer views Ive ever seen

She is not the stereotypical millianial. She‘s transphobic, calls my generation stupid af all the time, is convinced College will 100% get you a good job, it’s convinced screens are bad for your eyes, is “Phone Bad, outside Good”, and so much more. She’s literally fucking 30 years old. She‘s still in College ffs. She unironically finds Minion memes funny. Bro How is that possible? She’s so strict too, Im so sheltered that I dont know much about the outside world and how basic shit works. She had a kid at 14 years old but she doesnt allow me to read horror novels. What the fuck
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