Interior of Norte Dame after fire (2019)

2021.10.27 14:26 Control_Station_EFU Interior of Norte Dame after fire (2019)

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2021.10.27 14:26 PersephoneWhiteBlack Sorry Obi-Wan, the high ground won’t always save you…

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2021.10.27 14:26 ShotgunMongol Trying to find a portion of a news section

The section I'm looking for is where they're talking about some Ferrari that you own, but don't get to have technically, you only can have it sent to race tracks when Ferrari says so. The main part I'm interested is is where Richard Hammond talks about his idea to sell Big Ben to people, but they can't take it home, but it's their clock.
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2021.10.27 14:26 shutup5234 What’s a popular saying where your from?

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2021.10.27 14:26 zanteed is the coring distance the same as colonial range?

just wondering
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2021.10.27 14:26 ITNETT Teslas store skrekk har åpnet opp for reservasjoner i Norge – opp til 830 km rekkevidde

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2021.10.27 14:26 SolutionHoliday2200 Waiting waiting waiting

I have gone from checking this stock 10-20 times a day to just 2 or 3. Sometimes I forget about it until after lunch. I hope to reach a point where I can leave it for days or weeks at a time but due to its volatility and having a significant % of my net worth in this one (early MMAT employee options) I can't. We constantly come back to see if there is any news or movement on the share price, most days there isn't and we get frustrated. Here are a few things I tell myself so that I can cope with this crazy rollercoaster ride:

  1. They are not setting up a massive production facility for nothing
  2. The tech is unique, highly defensible and solves real problems - validated by the breadth of corporate partnerships that they have
  3. Whilst the Nanotech acquisition feels expensive at ~12x, we must not forget that the 'productization' of technology is not something to take for granted - NanoTech have done this and MMAT have bought the platform and know-how to do this
  4. Big corporates such as Covestro and Airbus move slowly, they will take their time in validating solutions before bringing them to market in force - this is frustrating for those of us that are used to fast moving early-stage companies
  5. The large positive and negative share price swings are driven due to the large proportion of retail investors in this stock. Retail investors are more fickle than institutions. There will come a point at which the company makes more revenue, is further de-risked making it attractive to institutional investors who over time will make up the majority. All that said, we wouldn't be here without the support of the retail investor community so THANK YOU!
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2021.10.27 14:26 lucasurashima Buenas tardes!!!!

Qual seu prato favorito e porque?
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2021.10.27 14:26 Q_ba13 Gmail account recovery !?

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if someone can help me.
The problem is my Gmail account does not accept my password and this email account is the one I use for everything.
Long story short, my cellphone number was used for spam activity so I terminated it.
I can't recover my password through phone because the number does not exist. Therefore I can not authenticate or receive the OTP
Also, old email assigned to Google I don't have access to either.
Is there anything I can do? I've checked Google and read endless reviews but they all point at the same useless Google account recovery cellphone authentication.
Any help will be appreciated
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2021.10.27 14:26 Stetson007 Our minds comprehend things slightly after they happen, so technically we're all living in the past.

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2021.10.27 14:26 _scat Question about layer 2. Do layer 2s increase the value of eth?

I was just wondering if layer 2s increase the value of eth since their still using the eth system but also reducing the load of the layer 1. Do all eth smartcontracts increase eth value. For example shiba inu uses erc20 so does that mean the more people that buy shiba it increases the value of eth or am I wrong. Just looking for info thanks.
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2021.10.27 14:26 DipDivers DipDivers drop in November❗Your chance to be early in a huge project! Links in comments👇

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2021.10.27 14:26 SugarCapital Shiny zamazenta no guessing bullshit first come first served

Comment when you've taken it to avoid wasting others time E10979PQG96RVW2B Only for pokemon sword
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2021.10.27 14:26 EspressoInsight SHIB community growth?

Can anyone find data on community growth of subreddits related to SHIB?
Trying to get a sense for how quickly the various SHIB subreddits have been growing over the past couple months.
Not sure if this is possible, but figure its worth an ask.
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2021.10.27 14:26 campzeroo Fruad on Bovada

First !!! I love Bovada, and I've been a top level player for years. I'm a recording artist, and I'm touring 80-90% of the year. Bovada is extremely convenient, and i wager over 1 million just this year alone. Please know I'm posting for information, not really worried about the outcome, because I've cash out huge amount faster then my bank gives it to me on this site.
Yesterday 10-26-2021 I've decided to meet some old friends, riding with one, and going to pick up the other.
First mistake We are driving a Bentley Continental, to go pick up a buddy that just flew in town, staying at a remodeled Motel 6, he didn't know the area very well.
Second mistake While waiting I'm playing $5 spins on nights with Cleo ( jackpot was up to 177,000) what's better to do while we wait on knuckle head to get ready
I hit for $1800 my first thought was, bet it all on the Utah Jazz, because I just won $700 on Dallas Mavs Luka first regular season home game this year.. " he's going to go off tonight" and he did. won by .5 points . Sweating my butt of with 42 seconds on the clock ... how does Vegas know these things lol . ( over 46.5 " points, asst, and rebound) easy money right?
Sorry back to story .. so I thought let me just put the $1800 on Utah jazz . "Knock knock knock" on my window . " Get out the damn car and give me a hug fool". Have not seen him in 4 years, so you can imagine how it went.
Third Mistake I never exited out of the Damn game I just won on , took a screenshot but never completely exited.
Some knuckle heads walk up to us and rob us gun point, Jewelry, wallets cash phones and of course our nuts was also taken that night lol . We did not argue we gave them what they asked for, our lives are more important.
Anyway morning of 10-27-2021 I go to ATT to grab another phone because I can't wait on Asurion, to take their precious time on sending me one .. which the UPS guy just drop off 8 min ago ( sorry Asurion)
I login my Bovada account to see a balance $0.44 in my account I lose alot of money on Bovada so I proceeded to add Bitcoin because it's a daily habit. While doing that my wife text from last night.. it loads up from the magical apple I could saying "do it" , I remember screen shoting the win and asking should I bet it all on the jazz.
Something I frequently do
I contacted customer service And they are Amazing and made me feel safe like always The rep stated 24/48 hours for a answer .. didn't know this was a thing on Bovada .
Has anyone ever had fruad on there Bovada account before? What to expect? Could I possibly loose my account? Will I be able to bet on the cowboys game Sunday night ? I need answers ....
I will also update results here
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2021.10.27 14:26 balling103 Natty or juice

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2021.10.27 14:26 CumDevourer68420 This isn’t really a copypasta, but I think I may know a way to fix the Cummy Bot Crisis

So, the previous Cummies have been banned for racial slurs. I’m pretty sure the auto moderator can’t be banned from Reddit, so what if it’s just reprogrammed to Cummify copypastas as well as perform its moderator functions? I’m not a programmer so I’m unsure if it’s possible, however it would be interesting to have a Cummy Bot that is unbannable.
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2021.10.27 14:26 l_a_escoto Age waiver

Hi all, my dad is a healthy 45 year old male, who exercises daily, has many certs and a electrical engineering degree. I want to convince to commission but not sure which branch. I know he always wanted to fly jets, so maybe navy or air force, which branch would give him a waiver?
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2021.10.27 14:26 agirlwithnames I’ve forgotten how to socialize

I finally moved out on my own without a roommate for the first time and I feel… I don’t think lonely’s quite right but I suppose that’s the closest to the feeling I have. I feel like I need to make friends or generally just go out more but with COVID and all everyone’s scared shitless to be outside and socializing. I’m an introvert to begin with so that makes it twice as hard. How do ~normal~ people socialize outside of work and school? Cafes? Going to parties? On the subway? I feel like I’m seriously lacking and I don’t know how to vocalize this to anyone I know.
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2021.10.27 14:26 Yanina_Yanina Ham Cheese Egg Toast Recipe | Korean Street Food

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2021.10.27 14:26 jso0003auburn Help on de-linking xFI pods from old inactive account

I moved out of a house with roomates and we had the xFI pods. They worked great but we all moved into smaller places and don't need the pods.... I gave the pods to someone so they wouldn't be thrown away and now he is unable to activate them for use on his network because they are still linked to the account.
I can't log in to the account anymore as it is apparently inactive. I can log into the comcast website but it errors out when I try to go into the xFI section.
Please help me de-link these from my account so that these will not go into the trash and create more e-waste.
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2021.10.27 14:26 coldhandsbigdick How do people have fun RPing something other than a version of themselves?

I struggle with this so much. It's not that I make the same character over and over, but they all end up somewhat similar in personality. I'm social in real life and a bit of a jokester and have a pretty firm stance that needless violence is bad. (I can't imagine many people are going to reply with, 'I love violence in real life,' but still.) I'm the kind of person who at least tries to talk my way out of things first.
With all of that said, my characters' personalities end up being light-hearted, talkative people who seem a bit chaotic at times because they'll do anything to avoid having to kill when things can be discussed first. They rarely have strong convictions that would cause them to immediately judge another person as evil or good - okay, maybe that actually is a conviction, now that I think about it.
Anyway! Every time I try to RP as something different from that, I have zero fun. I'll try to be less social, and I feel like I'm being the loner who isn't engaging with the party. I'll try to be more serious, but I just feel like a buzzkill. (My characters are serious when the situation calls for it. They just also make jokes in their downtime.) When I try to go more 'lawful', I always feel like it shifts me a little more evil than I feel comfortable RPing. I don't care how evil BBEG is, I'm not chasing after him while an orphanage burns down. Sorry. That's evil. Priorities.
So how do people have fun RPing not themselves? I can't seem to crack that code at all. I can RP as someone different, but it destroys my enjoyment of the game. Does anyone have any tips?
TL;DR: Does anyone have any tips or tricks for RPing a different personality than their own and still having fun?
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2021.10.27 14:26 HBizzle24 Performance friendly shaders?

Are there any shaders that is CPU friendly? without shaders my CPU temp is around 50-55c but with shaders its around 70-75c. My CPU is AMD Ryzen 7 5800x
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2021.10.27 14:26 DisciplineUpper Izetbegović o sastanku sa Vučićem: Kruna mi s glave neće pasti da odem u Beograd - Glas Bosne

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2021.10.27 14:26 MawzirMoon 🤑🕹️👾WILDCARD PreSale of Early Access Tickets !!! WILDCARD: The Play to Earn Game !!! Play - Collect - Mint NFT's - Earn money !!! Developed by the TacoCat Company !!! Info at Wildcardgame dot io !!!🤑🕹️👾

🤑🕹️👾WILDCARD PreSale of Early Access Tickets !!! WILDCARD: The Play to Earn Game !!! Play - Collect - Mint NFT's - Earn money !!! Developed by the TacoCat Company !!! Info at Wildcardgame dot io !!!🤑🕹️👾 submitted by MawzirMoon to altcoin_news [link] [comments]