guys, what does the red dot mean on instagram stories after they answered ur poll

Pakistani food is rich, packed full of spice, generous with ghee, and unbelievably tasty. In this list of the 21 dishes to eat in Pakistan, I’m going to share with you the best dishes I tried during my trip to Pakistan.. Get ready for some serious Pakistani flavor and regional specialties. In the graphic on the left in the figure below, at 50 minutes after an injection, an elevated glucose level is lowered by 120 mg/dL with URLi (red line) compared to only 65 mg/dL with Humalog (blue line).|URLi appears to be more stable in insulin pump reservoirs than Novo’s FiAsp that appears to lose potency on about day two. 23 Likes, 9 Comments - Rhiannon (@rhi_write) on Instagram: “⁣Let’s talk about writing processes 😏 everyone’s so different and unique in how they write so I…” The six-hour-long deposition last week marks the first time the former San Diego restaurateur has testified since she was sentenced nearly a year ago to 15 years in prison for defrauding hundreds ... Worlds Best Fudgiest Brownies live up to their name! Perfect crisp crackly top, super fudgy centre, chewy and gooey in all the right places with melted chunks of chocolate! PLUS! Each ingredient comes measured AND weighed FOR YOU! Warning: Not for the faint-hearted. These brownies pack a serious chocolate punch! Now, after the 12 o' clock, they will meet somewhere after an hour, i.e. when the hour hand is near to 1 hr and the minute hand also at the same location. That is, the minute hand had to travel an whole round (60 ticks) when the hour hand travels to 1'o clock. But still they haven't met. After drinking alcohol he does not differentiate between a guy & girl. He is bi-sexual in that sense Let's start the Story Anjali, Richa and Sanjana met in an Event in 2018. They had few drinks together and somehow became very good friends. All 3 liked to attend late night parties and enjoy their life to full. 2,461 Likes, 121 Comments - University of South Carolina (@uofsc) on Instagram: “Do you know a future Gamecock thinking about #GoingGarnet? 🎉 ••• Tag them to make sure they apply…” And lastly, I'm writing this post because, after 3 years of experimenting and wrongly thinking I was warm-toned, I've come to realize that I'm really not warm, but olive, with cool-to-neutral undertones, and I want to save you guys all the time and money I wasted trying to figure things out. foods to be avoided by diabetic patients 😷therapeutic. Newton and Ashley [] assessed the effectiveness of the intervention using Diabetes Quality of Life for Youths (DQOLY), Self-Efficacy of Diabetes Self-Management, and Outcome Expectations of Diabetes Self-Management.Comparatively, Iafusco et al [] examined DQOLY (N=396) at baseline, year 1, and year 2 (N=193).

2022.01.26 22:37 dxiinahh guys, what does the red dot mean on instagram stories after they answered ur poll

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2022.01.26 22:37 Some_Influence1624 I have been at this FOEVER and have found zero solutions, anyone know one?

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2022.01.26 22:37 No_Anything5694 This fight will always be one of my favs

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2022.01.26 22:37 Theeternalzardoz Is the ending of the books worth the endeavor of reading 14 books?

I'm about half way through the Great Hunt and I am obsessed with the world Jordan created. All of the threads are just as fascinating as the others. But I have never read a franchise this large before. The prospect of 14 books is daunting to say the least.
As I said I'm only on the second book so if you can answer this question with no spoilers that would be greatly preferred.
I know Sanderson finished the series. Is his ending to the entire series worth the read? Or does it disappoint?
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2022.01.26 22:37 TelomereThief Is it more effective to test on English definitions and think of/write the Hanzi or test on Hanzi and think of/write the English definition?

I'm trying to make memorizing Hanzi more efficient.
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2022.01.26 22:37 AdamsEconomics BIX WEIR - NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO!

American Silver Analyst Bix Weir in his latest video gives me a shout out. Go to the 3:44 mark.
Thank You Bix!
ALERT! "Fed Talk", Silver Derivative Nightmare & Theta's Moonshot Approaches!! (Bix Weir) - YouTube
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2022.01.26 22:37 bichir10 What's a more stable saint?

I have a saint in gold line burst that I understand is more stable than most saints. At nearly 2 years old, 172g and about 7.5-8/10 it goes dead straight from a very slight hyzer to about 350 feet. What disc in gold or similar will be a good replacement when I need one? Really like the 19mm rim as well. I'm guessing K1 Lots would be a top choice, and maybe also a gold line culverin? Looking for something that will start out just a touch more stable but after the initial bit of wear will have this dead straight slight hyzer to flat glidey flight.
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2022.01.26 22:37 a_real_cool_user Instant $5 from Envel for signing up. No deposit needed and immediately withdrawable to bank

Envel is an AI-powered banking app to help track and manage your finances. They are currently running a limited time promotion where you can get $5 just for signing up and opening an account. No deposit needed :)

  1. Sign up for Envel here:
  2. Verify your personal information
  3. Order a physical Envel card
  4. Cash out immediately to a linked bank or via cashapp when your physical card arrives
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2022.01.26 22:37 Silvax77 Pantheon Support

Looking into trying Pantheon support, has anyone got any tips or builds that they have enjoyed?
Thanks keen to hear from everyone :D
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2022.01.26 22:37 AfterHoursQ82Q Over Quickly

For those of you who have been paying attention to the UK, you’ll know why Boris Johnson ended all Covid protocols, mandates, and restrictions overnight without a second notice. It had nothing to do with the science, the BRITs got smart, lawyered up, and started filing criminal charges against pharmacist, doctors, nurses, and any medical professional who turned a blind eye to adverse reactions They filed these criminal charges with local police departments who had an obligation to investigate the allegations. The charge? Accessory to murder. It escalated so quickly that the parliament had no choice but to shut it all down. But that could never happen in America, wrong Texas already adopted the same strategy and criminal complaints have already been filed with the DA for murder. I’m very much looking forward to watching this play out.
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2022.01.26 22:37 NoOneTookDisSoIDid To anyone who wants to know what playing in diamond lobbies is like

It’s literally just 1-camping which makes you have to fight against 7 other squads in last circle which is chaos. It’s a shitfest with caustic and gibby ulti spamming. 2- Rats. Rats. Rats. And more rats. That’s all it is. 3- there’s no third partying in these lobbies because all you ever see is 4-5th partying. and the most annoying part is the ranked system and how in-rewarding it is, you deal with all that shit just to end up with -8 RP. yeah, that’s pretty much diamond ranked.
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2022.01.26 22:37 Sandfleasinmysocks help: unstable wifi

i just got a new router today. my mbps increased 100x but my zoom call is telling me my internet is unstable? what do i do
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2022.01.26 22:37 TheSmogmonsterZX The Daughter that Followed: Finding that Balance! Part 2

Disclaimer: Registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
The multiverse is large. Infinitely so.
Within the realms, dimensions and sub-realities of each part of the multiverse there man who can breach the barriers and leap to other sections of the multi-verse. These individuals are often gifted or cursed with such power.
But a select few breach through of their own will. Often fueled by immense will power and natural gifts beyond most understanding.
Among those infamous in the multiverse is the “Cursed Jumper”, Alan Quain, a psionic from “Super Hero” world. He angered a parasite natural to the realms between realities and now it shunts him from one world to the next after each death. In one of these world far into his “punishment” he found love and had a daughter, but he would not outlive this child as had with many others. A Tyrant of hate would end his life early and leave his daughter in a rage unlike she had ever known.
I broke the rules of my kind to guide her to a way to find her father. I watch her journey's now, guiding when I can, sending aid in unlikely places and making sure she returns to her father. These are the chronicles of Annalise Quain;

The Daughter that Followed:
Finding that Balance!
Part 2
Anna sat on the bed of her new temporary home. She had been invited to stay with Krillin and his wife 18, a human cyborg with some amazing capabilities. The woman was only slightly terse with her when they met but Anna attributed that to the argument she was having on the phone with her brother, something about taking a ranger job on an island almost five hours out.
She had unpacked her few things and dressed in a more contemporary set of pants and shirts, layering a basic t-shirt under her favorite tie-dye with her favorite red hoodie on top. She felt a little better as she was finally in clothes she was normally used to wearing but was now staring at the three books from her father, three journals she had been given. She had been reading the first one over again and had started the second, but now she had to face that the third had an imprint of her father's mind and a message on it as it's only purpose. She wasn't sure if he knew now or was still laying the bread crumb trail.
She nervously picked it up and flipped through the pages. Then she felt the sensation of a mind touching hers. Then she was in a white room sitting at a table with father staring despondently at her. He shook his head and leaned back in his chair for a moment she thought it resembled a shattered throne then focused on her father.
“Dad?” She spoke.
The shard held up a finger.
“Do you have the slightest clue how scrambled my thoughts were while making this?” He laughed. “Like an egg?” Anna smiled shyly.
The shard tossed the table aside and hugged her without hesitation. “One day I will know for certain and that's the day this insanity ends.”
“I know.” Anna hugged the shard back. “Mr. Vegeta says you wanted me to learn how to fight here. I can use ki or chi or whatever we call it this month, so I'm not sure what I can learn.”
The shard pulled back and looked at her. “Aang and the gang or Naruto?”
“Don't know the second, but Aang.” Anna smiled. The shard at least seemed okay with the response.
“You can learn new ways to use it for one. None of which Aang would approve of.” The shard smiled. “But what I'm hoping you'll learn is to use it to enhance your body, something you can do with your barriers in time.” The shard seemed to focus. “It can help you stay alive in situations barriers may fail you.”
Anna nodded. “You've been drawing me.”
The shard froze. “Yes.” It held his shame in an obvious manner. “I failed you, I can't let that thought rest.”
Anna returned the shard's hug. “You didn't fail. You got cheated.”
“Heh.” The shard chuckled. “Just remember to tell me that when you find me.”
“I will.” Anna's voice cracked as she pulled from the hug and out of the shard's connection.
She smiled as she piled the three journals on her nightstand. She would return to them later. Right now she had to learn the basics of this world.
“All right.” Krillin smiled as he sat cross legged on a mat on his patio. “Have a seat, whatever's comfortable for you.”
“Not cross legged?” Anna asked as she sat on a new red mat that Krillin had clearly gotten for her.
“Meditation is your first lesson.” Krillin said. “Meditation is equal parts comfort, focus, and thought.” “Focus is thought, isn't it?” Anna asked.
“Not always.” Krillin smiled. “You see your body can be taught to focus on it's own and react in it's own way. Muscle memory is a form of this focus. Thought on the other hand can wander without focus.”
Anna blinked. “So it's focusing your thoughts. I get that, I even know how from learning from Aang in the last reality, it's just hard.”
“You didn't learn.” Krillin corrected, “You absorbed.”
Anna stared in confusion.
“Learning things means finding your own way sometimes, especially with meditation.” Krillin explained. “I once had a monk explain it as teaching your monkey brain to focus on hitting one button over and over, this keeping it busy and focused.”
“And every monkey has a different button they like.” Anna followed.
“Exactly, Goku couldn't even meditate well until I suggested thinking about his muffin button.” Krillin laughed.
“His what?” Anna asked.
“It's a button that makes muffins.” Krillin shrugged. “We have no idea where it came from or why.” Anna thought, she had some ideas but was not willing to share them.
“So I need to find the thing my brain will latch onto over and over again.” Anna took a breath. “This should be easy.”
Krillin laughed. “You'd think so. You'd really think so.”
Anna squinted at him, a silent acceptance of a challenge.
“Oh hey that's your dad's 'I will end you' glare.” Krillin laughed.
“For me it's challenge accepted.” Anna said as she tried to focus on a clear and obvious thought. She had the focus for all of five minutes before her mind began to wander. Her eyes opened and Krillin was calmly focusing in his cross legged style. She grumbled and chose to focus on the thought once more. Her mind trailed away even faster.
“You picked your dad.” Krillin said calmly. “The key is to keep your monkey mind interested, but not something that would make it ask questions.”
“Okay.” Anna huffed. “One; who's the psychic here? And two, what the heck else can I focus on?” Krillin laughed. “Well it doesn't take a psychic to figure out what your first attempt would be.” He smiled as he nodded to the flowers growing in the garden. “And as for a suggestion, remember a thought can be anything, a word a sensation a memory, something that draws you in, in wonder and reverence.”
“Wonder and reverence?” Anna blinked and tried to think. She focused on several thoughts, memories and sensations. Each one was fleeting and barely held her attention. Then she felt a nudge at the back of her head and looked to see that Hong Long had shown himself and was rising to twist about in the sky. He extended to a full seventy foot length with two front legs and two back legs with a long furry tail, then it began to twist and turn in a pattern that she quickly identified as an infinity symbol.
“Okay.” Krillin had opened his eyes. “Where'd the dragon come from?”
“That's Hong Long, he's a manifestation of my subconscious and made of my aura and...” Anna had a very abrupt realization. “Would this make meditation impossible?”
Krillin shook his head. “I think he's trying to help you.”
Anna looked again. “Infinity?”
“Eternity. The ever moving forward change of life.” Krillin added.
“Chaos.” Anna blinked and laughed. “I don't think sitting down and focusing is how I can meditate.”
“Ah!” Krillin stood. “Flow state!”
“Flow state?” Anna asked.
“You don't play video games do you?” Krillin sighed.
Anna shook her head. “Books and movies girl.”
Krillin stopped to think for a moment. “OK, so flow state is a mentality where one is focusing on the task at hand so deep and so intensely that the perception of time is slightly warped. This also present in some hyper-focused competency. At least that's how I understand it.” Krillin shook his head. “The difference is one is an active focus on an activity, while meditation is a focus on a thought or sensation. Remember your body can focus too.”
“So I can't meditate?” Anna asked.
“No I'm pretty sure you can but I can use Flow state for the main purpose of teaching you to focus your ki to physical form.” Krillin nodded with a smile. “You have forms for this Fire-bending stuff, right? Let's go through those for a bit. Show me so I can do it with you.”
“I think I follow.” Anna nodded and took her root stance. “I probably shouldn't use fire around these flowers though.”
“Please don't, they're my babies.” Krillin sighed.
“Well they're very pretty.” Anna smiled and moved slightly away from the flowers.
She began to drill through her forms and after a cycle or two realized that Krillin had joined her. He was amazing at how fast he picked up the forms and was even as focused as he was during his meditations. Anna was shocked at the man's capability.
“Ok.” Krillin stopped. “So, those are actually good forms, I can seen why fire works with them. So what brings the fire?”
“A passion, a draw from life to energy.” Anna said as she made the uppercut motion and created a small jet of flame. A smile came to her face every time she had done that.
“Interesting.” Krillin tilted his head. “I may try adapting that. But for you, try keeping your palms open and flat or like you're clutching something. And instead of focusing passion and life energy, try focus energy into form. See it form and become solid.
Anna nodded and began to drill herself. She lasted all of an hour before she had to stop. When she stopped she realized it had been far longer than an hour and Krillin now had at some-point brought lemonade and snacks on the patio table. She looked and sat down, completely baffled as to what had happened.
“Flow state.” Krillin said as he noticed her look. “You were so focused and intent you never noticed the time pass by.”
“But I didn't get it.” Anna sighed.
“It's gonna take some time.” Krillin pointed out. “I'm teaching you, not letting you absorb it for this reason, he have to learn how to learn over sometimes.”
“Unlearn what you have learned.” Anna giggled.
“Hey, yeah!” Krillin laughed. “Your dad loves those movies.”
“Please tell me you have them.” Anna smiled.
“VHS and special editions.” Krillin sniffed with pride. “Also the prequels, if you like those. Those are more an 18 thing. She really likes Obi-Wan.”
“Neat!” Anna beamed. “I need to soak now.”
“Go hit the showers.” Krillin smiled as she finished her lemonade and snacks.
“Oh my god I get why Trunk and Mr. Vegeta ate so much.” She groaned as she stood up.
“Yup. Training takes it out of you.” Krillin smiled. “We'll get you used to this, then we should be good at getting you to make ki. You're smart you should get it fine.”
Anna was relaxing later that night, watching the stars and reading some history books about this world. She sighed after finishing a chapter on something called the Red Ribbon Army. It mostly just confused her and she ended up setting the book to the side.
“Hey squirt.” 18, Krillin's wife and an intimidating force in her own right came out and sat on the patio opposite of her. “Krillin told me your dad's a twin?”
Anna nodded. “I have an uncle out there.” She made a frame of her fingers and tried to focus on a particular star. “Maybe I can meet him, maybe I can let him know his brother is still out here.”
18 chuckled. “You're a good kid, you know that?”
“Really?” Anna sighed. “I destroyed an entire space fleet ready to kill my friends and capture me, I still don't want to kill, but I know there's a line I just don't know the line!” She huffed. “How's that a good kid?”
“You still have a line.” 18 smirked. “I had to relearn what the line was.”
Anna blinked. “You were a bad guy?”
“Pretty much.” 18 nodded. “Made to kill Goku, creator got a little nuts and my bro and I rebelled. Killed him and tried to take over the world. Some time traveling shenanigans later and his prized creation from another timeline ate us both and became the 'perfect organism'. Then Goku's kid vaporized him and we got wished back to life.”
“Wow.” Anna blinked.
“Vegeta used to work for an evil Emperor. He's still an asshole.” 18 smiled.
“You don't like him.” Anna stated it.
“Like I said he's an asshole and he his mouth writes checks his body can't cash.” 18 laughed. “He has calmed down a bit, I'll give him that.”
“Any other former baddies?” Anna giggled.
“Piccolo.” 18 said. “And Majin Buu, but he's a weird magic creation that literally had the evil removed from him.”
Anna blinked.
“Welcome to Weirdsville.” 18 smiled.
“You aren't kidding.” Anna sighed. “Still trying to figure out how to focus my energy into a physical form.”
18 clucked her tongue. “I can't help you there kid, I get tech that does it for me.”
“Right, cyborg.” Anna nodded. “We have those, sort of, where I'm from but it's never pleasant looking. Large metal chunks and stuff.”
18 just nodded.
“I think I want to see something, but I don't know if anyone would be willing to take me.” Anna continued. “I want see where my dad died.”
“Well it was in the sky.” 18 chuckled. “I can show you tomorrow if you want, gotta stop by Kamehouse on the way.” 18 thought for a moment. “Ignore the old man there and feel free to brutalize the pig-man.”
Anna stared.
“Old pervert and pervert pig-man.” 18 said as if that made complete sense. “I gotta check in on them from time to time or they may starve.” She rolled her eyes.
“Pervert how?” Anna asked.
“Well, no offense you're probably safe, you're what fourteen?” 18 asked.
“Seventeen.” Anna said, a tone of displeasure laced her voice.
“Ouch, sorry. You got the same height genes as your dad. Don't worry should keep you safe from those two.” 18 rolled her eyes. “Always leering at anything with a chest or stealing panties.” 18 shook her head in disgust.
“I'm free to brutalize.” Anna nodded. “I'll remember that.”
18 laughed, “If your dad's name doesn't scare them off they deserve it. Don't take any shit from them.”
“I don't think I'll be very tolerant of someone being like that.” Anna smiled. “I'll opt for staying out of sight.”
18 laughed. “Not a bad option except it's a tiny island in the sea and there is nothing else around, and Roshi won't be fooled your mind tricks.”
“Who says I'd be playing a mind trick?” Anna tried to give an innocent smile.
“I know your dad.” 18 pointed a finger at her. “That man loved to mess with people's perceptions just to get a laugh.”
Anna frowned. “He always taught me not to do that.”
“Eh.” 18 shrugged. “He's not perfect, probably wanted you to have a better life than he had growing up and you know want you to have better people skills or whatever.”
Anna giggled. “He would do that.”
“So which star is your favorite?” 18 looked up.
“They're all so pretty.” Anna smiled. “I just like watching them. I went from a super hero world, to a super hero world to futuristic space place and then some world going through some growing pains from feudalism to something more.”
“I like that one.” 18 pointed to a pink star. “It makes me smile.”
“It is nice.” Anna smiled and laughed.
Ok so we're going to see how this new schedule of 2 Anna stories per week when I can get them in and 3 Alan stories per my work week will work out.
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2022.01.26 22:37 PsychoPanther88 [XSX] (29/32) Fantasy Draft League S3 Offseason

Season 3 - Off-Season Resign Players
Open Teams:
Bills Bengals Cowboys
For rosters or league rules please use the link below:
We are looking for new and dedicated members for Madden 22 of our CFM league on XSX. We have 8 teams available. This is a FANTASY DRAFT LEAGUE and also a sim style league. Discord is used for league communications. There are currently over 20 members that have been consistently playing over the last 6 maddens. DM me if interested or if you have any additional questions.
RULES: Teams are the result of a Fantasy Draft • Qtr. Length: 7 minutes - Clock accel to 25 sec • Offensive/Defensive/User vs. User: All-Pro • Custom Playbooks: No Both teams MUST show playbooks before starting game • Injuries/Fatigue: On, Practice Injuries: Off, Practice Fatigue: On • Game Rules/A.I.: Sim Game Mode
POSITION CHANGES • Defensive and Offensive Linemen can change positions on the same line. • OLB and DE can switch. OLB and MLB can switch. NOTE - NO transitive property. • DBs can play any DB position. • No DB can be lined up in the SubLB depth chart position. • All other changes must be approved by the league admins.
SPORTSMANSHIP Running the score up against either a user or the CPU will not be tolerated; this is considered stat padding. An example of stat padding is getting more than 5 TDs with your starting QB in a blowout win. Basically our main rule is don't be a dick. SCHEDULING/UPDATING POLICY MFL updates every 48 hours in the season and 24 hours in the off-season. If either player is unresponsive for 24 hours via DM when trying to schedule, they will be placed on AP. You need a screenshot proof of this. If you have been placed on AP(autopilot) from not responding for two weeks in a row, you will be on AP until further notice. This will lead to being kicked from the league at season's end. GAMEPLAY POLICY MFL is a sim style league. Please keep game play as realistic to life as possible.Calling a variety of plays(out of multiple formations) on both offense and defense is a must. Abusing the same set of plays/formations repeatedly will result in expulsion from the league. Abusing the A.I. will result in expulsion from the league upon video and group review. Examples of this are, but not limited to: • Calling numerous audibles and/or hot routes to manipulate the defensive/offensive a.i. • Instantly scrambling with the QB, otherwise known as "hike and haul". QB runs are allowed on options, designed QB runs, broken pocket/play, and when pressured by the defense. • Rolling out of the pocket to pull defenders down. • Rushing less than three defensive players. • Nano Blitzing. • Stat boosting against the CPU. • No unusual depth chart substitutions. For example, QB/HB as you kicker or punter. NOTES • Pass:Rush and Rush:Pass ratio should not be higher than 3:1 in a game. • If users are stat padding a player with X-Factor, player will lose X-Factor. • "Re-rolling" a Superstar or X-Factor's abilities is not allowed; this is when you change someone's position and then change it back immediately. All position changes of SS or X-Factor must be done for at least a full season Chew Clock Rules: • Users cannot "Chew Clock" until there are 3 minutes left in the game or 2 minutes left in the 1st half. If the opponent agrees in the chat, you can chew clock earlier. This refers to both bleeding the clock manually and using the "chew clock" play call. Special teams and a guide for 4th downs: • Whenever you are past your 40 yard line with 3 yard or less to go, you are permitted to for it on 4th down. • If you are past the 50 but not in Field Goal Range you can go for it on 4th down. • If you are behind by two scores(9 points) in the second half, you can go for it on 4th down. • If you are the losing team in the 4th quarter, you can go for it on 4th down. • Onside kicks are allowed when you are behind by 14 in the 2nd half. TRADE POLICY • All trades in the MFL must be between two users - there is no CPU trading. These trades must be approved by the MFL committee. MFL TRADE COMMITTEE The MFL trade committee consists of 5 users and a backup for tie breakers - these members are voted on every offseason. RESTART POLICY Restarting games will not be tolerated in this league. If you lose to the CPU, take your loss and move on. Rules and penalties for restarts are listed below. • If you have 1 restart, you will be warned. • If you have 2 restarts in a season, you will be forced to forfeit your next game and will likely be kicked. • If you are disconnected from the server, your game freezes, or for any other EA related issues please provide picture proof. These games will not be counted towards your restarts. RULES VIOLATION POLICY If a user is found to be breaking the rules mentioned above, the following will serve as a guideline when handing out penalties. • 1st offense is a warning. • 2nd offense is a two game simspension. • 3rd offense is up to six game simspension or removal from the league. STREAMING POLICY All games must be streamed and archived. The home team has broadcast responsibility, but can defer to his opponent. Archiving on Twitch - Learn how to setup your twitch steam or enable archives. Archiving on Mixer - login to > Click your avatar in the top right > Click on "Broadcast Dashboard". Scroll down until you see "Keep recordings of my streams" > toggle the switch on. Scroll down and hit "save". If a game is not streamed and either team has a rules complaint, both teams will receive a warning. Please stream your games. If at any point during a game the streaming party turns off the stream without reason, that game will then either become a SIM or a FORCE LOSS for them. Both parties must agree to the stream being turned off. All Rules and Policies are reviewed at the end of each season. Changes are voted on by all members. If you would like to suggest a rule change or rule addition, please let one of the commissioners know
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2022.01.26 22:37 ShelovesKai Get ready for all the incoming posts on the leaked 12th man vote winner. PSA: It wasn't surprising...

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2022.01.26 22:37 Who_is_I_today Does anyone know if the T&T in Central City has frozen ramen like Fujiya?

Don't knock it... the Fujiya stuff was surprisingly really freaking good and so full of flavour!
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2022.01.26 22:37 PenForgedGames Returned from the dead, the Dreadlord is here to serve v.2

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